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Dr Roger Smith

Dr Roger Smith is one of the world’s most respected scholars in the area of history and philosophy of science and a leading expert in the history of the mind and brain, of psychology and psychiatry. Reader Emeritus in the History of Science from Lancaster University, Smith is currently Associate Fellow at the Institute of Psychology of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow.

Date Event Paper/Booking Form
Tuesday 29th November - 12-2pm Reading Group 'Evolution, Human Agency and the Late Victorians'
Tuesday 29th November - 5-7pm Lecture

Free Will in History and Contemporary Society

Wednesday 30th November - 5-7pm Postgraduate Seminar 'Reflexivity and the History of Psychiatric Knowledge: some reflections'
Tuesday 6th December - 5-7pm Research Seminar Why the History of the Human Sciences Matters to Medicine
Friday 9th December


'Free Will in the Past and Today'