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Psychoanalysis Across the Disciplines

Psychoanalysis Across the Disciplines is an Institute of Advanced Study research network designed to bring together researchers and practitioners at Warwick and elsewhere whose work draws on any aspect of psychoanalysis. We are keen to establish possibilities for internal and external collaborations across different disciplines and to contribute to current debates on the place of psychoanalysis in the academic, cultural, and clinical fields. We welcome communication from those who would like to contribute to and draw from the network.

Please email us if you would like to be included in our network list and receive notification of our events (


Warwick Library now subscribes to PEP Web, a fully searchable database with over 50 journals on the subject of psychoanalysis from 1913 - 2010 and 100 classic texts, plus the Standard Edition of the complete works of Freud in German and English.