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PAD Network Members List

Please email us with your details if you would like to be included in this list of Warwick members


Fabio Camilletti, Assistant Professor in the Department of Italian. Research Interests: European literature of the Romantic age, literature & psychoanalysis, paradigms of historicity and phenomena of continuity/fracture between classical antiquity and the post-Enlightenment age.

Mark Carrigan, PhD candidate (Sociology). Research Interests: the relationship between affect and inner speech, the interface between the psychic and the social (different approaches to theorising it and different methodological strategies for studying it).

Howard Chiang, Assistant Professor in the Department of History. Research Interests: modern Chinese history, history of medicine and the human sciences; gender, sexuality, and the body; Sinophone postcolonial studies.

Oliver Davis, Associate Professor in French Studies. Research interests include: twentieth-century and contemporary French literature, philosophy and theory; sexuality studies and queer theory.

Emma Francis, Associate Professor in the Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies; member of the Centre for the Study of Women and Gender. Research Interests: Victorian literature and culture and debates around gender and sexuality; the question of Freud's nineteenth century formation.

Anna Harpin, Associate Professor (Theatre and Performance Studies). Research areas: cultural histories of madness and trauma, post-WW2 theatre, film, and graphic fiction, politics of representation.

Ketan Dipak Jethwa, Academic Clinical Fellow in General Psychiatry, University of Warwick Medical School. Research interests: phenomenology and nosology of psychotic disorders, dementia care.

Daniel Katz, Professor in the Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies. Research interests include: Modernism, the avant-garde, and post-modernism; psychoanalysis, philosophy, and critical theory; transatlantic literary studies; translation and multilingualism; poetry and poetics; the lyric subject, and autobiographical constructions.

Phil McCash, Principal Teaching Fellow in Career Studies, Centre for Lifelong Learning. Research interests: Jungian/Post-Jungian perspectives, projection/introjection, public/private myth-making, dreams, the relationship between depth psychology, education and career development.

John McKeane, Assistant Professor in French Studies. Research interests: modern French and European thought including deconstruction, reception of tragedy, psychoanalysis.

Carol Wolkowitz, Reader, Department of Sociology and member of the Centre for the Study of Women and Gender. Research interests: gender, sexuality and body studies.

Julie Walsh, IAS Global Research Fellow (Sociology). Research Interests: Psychoanalysis and the psychosocial; feminist theory and contemporary developments in sexuality studies; narcissism and melancholia; the relationship between shame and sociability.

Simon Williams, Professor of Sociology. Research interests: Sociology and politics of the body, affect, sleep and health; psychoanalysis and social theory.