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Picture of a workshop in Tanzania conduced by Jennifer Lander

Care, Work and Property

How is care valued?

IAS funding contributed to a two day workshop held in Nairobi in September 2017.

The key outcome is to improve the position of those who provide care and who need care in older age in Kenya but more widely in Africa. The workshop demonstrated the importance of contextual understanding of care provision within familial/kinship structures to effective policy making.

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Aspa Chalkidou

Aspa Chalkidou

As a WIRL-COFUND fellow, I will explore the concept of asylum as a contradictory symbol of inclusion within the Nation and Europe.

The IAS has funded a large and varied number of different projects and researchers.

From two day workshops in Nairobi to WIRL-COFUND researchers, here you can discover more about the projects we have been involved in, the people we have supported, and how those projects and collaborations have grown.

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