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IAS Symposium

The Internationalisation of Research
Thursday 17 May 2018 | The Shard, London

The Internationalisation of Research provided an opportunity to discuss the challenges and benefits of researching in a global environment from an individual to an institutional perspective. The event included four panel discussions with representatives from across academia, national and international funding bodies and UK government.

Global Futures: Building Interdisciplinary Postdoctoral Research Careers
Thursday 19 - Friday 20 May 2016 | Scarman House, University of Warwick

Global Futures was the second IAS annual symposium dedicated to building interdisciplinary postdoctoral research careers in today's environment. The symposium consisted of a suite of seminars concerning the various aspects of academia.

Exchanges: the Warwick Research Journal, 4, (1), 140-146, 2016

The Future of Interdisciplinary Research
Friday 15 May 2015 | The Shard, London

The Future of Interdisciplinary Research was the first of a series of IAS annual symposiums dedicated to ‘key issues in current research’. The aim was to debate the challenges, barriers, opportunities and future trajectories of research in the UK and internationally.