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InReach10x Seminar - James Poskett

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Location: Oculus OC1.01

Talk by James Poskett

The Global Origins of Modern Science

Where did modern science come from? Until recently, most historians agreed that the origins of modern science could be located in Europe, sometime between 1500 and 1700. In this talk, based on the latest scholarship, I present a very different account. Beginning in the fifteenth century and moving right through to the present, I make the case for the global origins of modern science, exploring the ways in which Africa, America, Asia and the Pacific fit into the story. The history of modern science, I argue, needs to be understood as part of a history of global cultural exchange. In making this argument, I uncover the forgotten contributions of scientists from around the world, whilst also making the ethical, political, and intellectual case a critical engagement with the legacies of the history in the world of science today.

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