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IAS Salon - Science and Music

Science and Music: a New Approach to Medieval Melodies and Network Analysis

25 November 2019 12:30 - 14:00, C0.08 (Zeeman Building)
Hosted by Dr Stefano Milonia, IAS and School of Modern Languages & Cultures

Dr Stefano Milonia will talk about a new project taking place in Warwick involving computer science, medieval music and network analysis. Starting from a musicological perspective, this will be an occasion to engage with researchers and students with an expertise in, but not limited to, computer science, mathematics, and data science, in order to approach the topic from different perspectives and explore the possibility of collaborations.

The project involves the realization of a database which would allow us to track the streams of culture by cluster analysis of musical imitations in 12th-14th century European lyric - a key moment for the birth of modern languages and literature. This would be a tool able to compare a large number of melodies and notational systems, study ancient music composition techniques, and explore how music and music manuscript transmission evolved in space and time. This project aims to foster an interdisciplinary approach and engage with musicologists, philologists, musicians, palaeographists, historians and computer scientists.

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