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How to Participate

Postdocs at Warwick

Apply to join the IAS community as an Associate Fellow to receive Outlook invitations to all our Accolade events.

Associate Fellowship

IAS Fellows

Accept Teams invitations via Outlook. Explore the Accolade channel on the IAS Postdoc Community Teams Space. We also have channels on fellowships, funding, news, resources and more.

Postdoc Teams Space


The IAS has definitely enhanced my ability to foster new research activities, particularly through collaboration. I’m also much more confident on writing grant applications for new research as a direct result of the ACCOLADE programme.

-IAS Early Career Fellow


Giving a short research presentation to a non-specialist audience and receiving written feedback from my peers was a new experience for me. I think it improved my ability to communicate my research to a broader audience which was useful when applying for fellowships.

- IAS Early Career Fellow