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Advancing Grants

This programme provides resources to bring together collaborators in the process of developing a funding proposal that addresses an interdisciplinary research question. The funding proposal should involve either a major UK consortium and/or international partners and must be led by a Warwick-based academic. There are three calls per year for the Advancing Grants scheme with a deadline in each term. Further details and guidance are found in the Funding Guidelines document.

All applications to this scheme must now be uploaded through the Online Submission System.

"We found that most of the key areas identified were well represented by attendees and so it would be possible to consider [...] a more cohesive approach" - Collaborator Meeting from 2014 - 2015
Selected recently awarded Advancing Grants Projects:
  • Value-based system for pedagogical space management | Dr Alexandra Cristea, Dr Mike Joy, Dr Jane Sinclair, Dr Jonathan Foss (Department of Computer Science), Emma King (Learning & Development Centre) and Professor Thomas Hills (Department of Psychology) awarded £2500
    Learning today takes place in a context of new interactions between formal and informal learning, the changing role of teachers, the impact of social media and the students’ active participation in the design of learning activities. The challenge is to create an innovation ecosystem that will facilitate open, more effective and efficient co-design, co-creation and the use of digital content, tools and services for personalised learning and teaching. The IAS funded two meetings to develop a proposal to Horizon 2020 on value-based systems for pedagogical space management in an open and adaptable learning and working environment. Being able to organise a face-to-face meeting allowed the researchers to have more in-depth discussions about the proposal and its intended outcomes. The partnership that formed is willing to continue collaboration in other forms.
  • Gamification / Playful Cities | Nerea Calvillo (Centre for Iinterdisciplinary Methodologies) awarded £245
    Gaming and gamification, and its scope is technology transfer through small scale experiments on developing and validating open gaming technologies is the subject of a recent Horizon 2020 funding call. A consortium of academic and industrial partners from across Europe has formed, with Warwick providing expertise in games functioning as cultural spaces and the production of urban cartographies as a means to engage with the environments. The IAS funded a meeting to be held in the Netherlands to scope out and draft an application to the Horizon 2020 call. This allowed international collaborators to meet face-to-face during the writing of this proposal.



Deadlines: Deadlines for 17/18: MIDDAY on Monday 12 February 2018; MIDDAY on Monday 30 April 2018.

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