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Delivering Results

Frequently emerging from core independent and/or funded research is the opportunity to pursue additional research activities. Supporting research related public-engagement, impact, project continuation plans and further collaborative initiatives etc., this programme provides resources to enable the development of new outputs from an interdisciplinary project and where appropriate, involves an international and/or cross-sectoral team. There are three calls per year for the Delivering Results scheme with a deadline in each term. Further details and guidance are found in the Funding Guidelines document.

All applications to this scheme must now be uploaded through the Online Submission System.
"This project reached c. 850 people directly through its two performances, and has the capacity to reach an unlimited further number through the videos on-line" - Public Engagement event 2014 - 2015
Selected recently awarded Delivering Results Projects:

Performing CRACKED at the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival 2015 | Professor Emeritus Gillian Hundt & Professor Swaran Singh, Dr Anne Marie Slowther (Warwick Medical School) & Dr Christine Harrison (Centre for Lifelong Learning) awarded £2500

CRACKED is the fourth production of Santé Theatre Warwick, which specialises in developing and performing theatre from Warwick research. The research on which the play is based was undertaken by Professor Swaran Singh and his team through a National Institute for Health Research ENRICH (Enabling Research in Care Homes) programme grant. The research focused on the different help seeking pathways of young adults with a first episode of psychosis from different ethnic backgrounds. The play was developed with Higher Education Innovation Funding and toured the Midlands supported by a Wellcome Trust People Award. Funding from the IAS allowed Santé Theatre Warwick to travel to Platform Arts – a major community arts venue in Glasgow – and perform CRACKED as part of the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival in October 2015.

mickey b

Shakespeare in Prison: Mickey B in Warwickshire | Paul Prescott, Sheila Cananagh, Katherine Hennessey (Global Shakespeare) & Tom Magill (Educational Shakespeare Company) awarded £900

Film director and Prison Shakespeare advocate Tom Magill visited Warwick to screen and discuss his cinematic adaptation of Macbeth – Mickey B. This piece, filmed and performed by inmates and prison staff at correctional institutions, explores the potential of Shakespearian performance to promote cooperation, self-reflection and rehabilitation among people serving prison sentences. Magill’s work forms part of an increasingly visible sub-culture referred to as ‘Shakespeare in Prison’ which has inspired documentary films, scholarly monographs and public debate.



Deadlines: Deadlines for 17/18: MIDDAY on Monday 12 February 2018; MIDDAY on Monday 30 April 2018.

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