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International Visiting Fellowships

This International Visiting Felowship Programme enables research groups at Warwick to engage with distinguished, international researchers, including policy makers, representatives of the arts, business, government and industry.

Visiting Fellows must be nominated by a Warwick academic and during their visit it is expected that the Fellow(s) will contribute to the wider activity of the university, engaging with a wide cross-section of the research community. For this reason it is expected that visits will last approx. 10 days however, Fellows can be hosted for up to 10 weeks. The visits should encorporate:

  • Research and/or training event targeted at early career scholars
  • A public event
  • Interdisciplinary activity aimed at an audience beyond the Fellow’s immediate field of specialism
  • Presentation of Fellow’s core research to targeted audience
  • Exploration of further collaborative opportunities with groups/individuals beyond the Principal Applicants
  • research area
  • Cross-university and/or cross-sector meetings
  • Engagement with IAS research fellows, typically providing a brief career-development talk at the IAS Seminar Series

Applications must be submitted through the Online Submission System.