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New Ideas Development Awards

The New Ideas Development Awards support the exploration of new interdisciplinary research ideas by providing resources for meetings and for the establishment of research networks with a view to creating research collaborations around a particular theme.

The New Ideas Development Awards scheme will support scoping activities and expedite new collaborative research initiatives, including taking existing networks in new directions.

The activity is expected to take the format of one or more of the following options:

  1. Speculative Meeting
  2. Research Network

These mechanisms can be used to support the exploration of collaborative links with researchers from across the University including but not limited to:

  • developing links or emerging strands of interest arising from both GRP or non-GRP activity
  • enabling colleagues across a range of departments to learn about each other’s research interests with a view to identifying on-going partnerships
  • formalising partnerships within and outside Warwick to build critical mass around a new topic etc.

Applications must be submitted through the Online Submission System.

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For further queries please contact ias at warwick dot ac dot uk

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