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Residential Fellowships

In recognition of the extensive global research partnerships fostered by Warwick academics, the IAS Residential Fellowships programme offers the opportunity to bring collaborators to Warwick for a short, intensive stay (typically 3-10 days) specifically to deliver joint outputs. The scheme aims to facilitate the delivery of collaborative research activity by providing the opportunity for external partners to be based at Warwick to work on a shared deliverable at the same time as supporting the continuation of the partnership. There are three calls per year. Further details and guidance are found in the Funding Guidelines document.

All applications to this scheme must now be uploaded through the Online Submission System.

"...certainly advanced the two joint projects [...] and, more generally, our collaborative working relationship."

- Residential Visiting Fellowship 2014 - 2015

Selected recently awarded Residential Fellowships:

Dr Mark Newton (European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, France), Visited 11 - 25 January 2016

Nominated by Dr Thomas Hase, Department of Physics Dr Newton is a researcher in catalysis and specifically aspects of the structural and reactive behaviour of supported metal nanoparticles engaged in catalytic processes. Whilst at Warwick Mark to built and compiled the scientific case for a submission of an ESPRC fellowship to be held at Warwick. This is centred on exploring the possibilities of using X-ray synchrotron characterisation tools to study novel materials across the field of catalysis and energy. He developed new research contacts within Chemistry, Physics and the Materials GRP to used state-of-the art characterisation tools, applying them to the latest generation of materials in operando.


Dr Salah H. Alzaroo (Hebron University, Palestine), Visiting 12 - 19 March 2016

Dr Salah Alzaroo is President of Hebron University and an Associate Professor of Continuing Education. As a Residential Fellow he explored opportunities for collaboration in relation to research on educational and health provision in Palestine and elsewhere in the region and explored possible funding opportunities and ideas. He was nominated by Professor Frances Griffiths, Professor Emeritus Gillian Hundt and Associate Professor David Davies from the Social Sciences and Health Systems Research Unit, Division of Health Sciences, in Warwick Medical School.
at Warwick.