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Global Health Research Unit on Improving Health in Slums

The aim of the Global Health Research Unit on Improving Health in Slums, funded by the UK’s National Institute of Health Research is to work collaboratively to improve health service delivery in slums. Through the work of this Unit, data has been collected from 7 slums in 4 countries, 3 of which are in Nigeria. So far, fieldwork constituting over 2,500 household/health facility surveys and more than 25 in-depth interviews and Focus Group Discussions (FGD) have been completed in Nigeria. This IAS funding will support Dr Motunrayo Ajisola, University of Ibadan, to visit Warwick Medical School, where she will contribute to and expand the research output from this project. In addition, we will develop a new project focused on TB health seeking in the Nigerian slums based on needs identified through our Unit’s work.