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Warwick has celebrated many milestones since 1965, including new buildings and developments, pioneering research projects and links with other universities and institutions across the world. In the ‘Voices of the University’ collection, many people have reflected on Warwick’s achievements at 50:

  • Julian Gardner, Founding Professor of History of Art, on Warwick at 50

Warwick has also welcomed many important guests to its campus in its fifty-year history:

  • Frances Cook, a Physics postgraduate student in the late 1970s, on the Queen's visit to her laboratory

On 14 December 2000, the university welcomed President Bill Clinton, who made his final UK speech as president at the university. The ceremony was also attended by his wife Hillary Clinton and the then Prime Minister Tony Blair and his wife Cherie, as well as by senior government figures and university members.

  • Sir Brian Follett, Vice-Chancellor during Clinton's visit in 2000, on Clinton's visit to Warwick and its political signficance

Click here to read Tony Blair's speech from 14 December 2000 and here for more information on the Clinton visit.


Did you know?

In December 2000 Bill Clinton made his final UK speech as US President in the Butterworth Hall. For the duration of Clinton’s visit, the Arts Centre was temporarily deemed to be United States territory.

Blair and Clinton Come to Warwick

Modern Records Centre, UWA/AV/1/44