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Working at Warwick

The university has been an employer to many people since 1965, who have carried out a diverse and changing range of tasks as the university has grown. These selections from the ‘Voices of the University’ interviews reveal more about the research conducted at the university, its administration and the extensive work that is done ‘behind the scenes’:


  • Fred Reid, Lecturer in the History Department 1966-97, on the interdisciplinary research culture in the History Department and School of Arts in the 1960s


  • Peter Rayner describes his role as the university's first Safety Officer in the 1970s

    (Rayner Peter Norman Geoffrye Of Field House, Kenilworth died on Wednesday 15th November, aged 89)

  • Janet Keene describes working with a computer when she first arrived at the university in the 1990s

Behind the Scenes

  • James Ellis, Director of Warwick Sport, on managing the University's sporting facilities and connections with the Football Association
  • Julian Obremski on working as a night porter in Radcliffe

Did you know?

In November 1967 the University’s first computer, an Elliott 413O Computing System, was installed in the Engineering Department


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