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    U, 3-D Scanning and Roman Heritage: A Test Case in Public Engagement

    3-D Scanning and Roman Heritage: A Test Case in Public Engagement

    £4,925 awarded to Dr Alison Cooley, Classics & Ancient History

    This project launched a new, innovative, interdisciplinary collaboration in public engagement between the Dept of Classics & Ancient History and Warwick Manufacturing Group. We investigated the potential of 3D digitization in producing interactive physical objects for use by educational groups and visitors at Fishbourne Roman Palace (Sussex) and by the Dept of Classics & Ancient History in teaching and outreach.

    We chose one of the most famous inscriptions of Roman Britain as a case-study to scope the possibilities of using 3-D scanning in heritage engagement. We chose the ‘Cogidubnus inscription’ because it was found in fragments during the eighteenth century, has been inaccessible to the public, and is of debated interpretation. We produced two different versions of the inscription for use at Fishbourne Roman Palace, giving schoolchildren and visitors insights into the experience of how archaeologists and historians deal with an inscription in fragments, via a 3-D printed jigsaw puzzle.

    Two variant copies of the inscription have been printed for use by the Warwick Classics Network for outreach and in teaching our new undergraduate module in Understanding Ancient Material Culture. We have yet to evaluate the success of this interactive activity, since the pandemic resulted in the closure of the site and curtailed hands-on outreach activities. We have nevertheless explored the use of 3-D imaging for heritage projects and education, producing 3-D models of different materials, densities, and dimensions, to allow us to evaluate what type of model is best suited for public engagement.

    Cooley and Wilson are currently co-writing an article for submission to the Journal of Cultural Heritage.

    2020-21, Project Development

    V, Autonomous Vehicles: current challenges and penitential applications in agriculture

    Autonomous Vehicles: current challenges and penitential applications in agriculture

    £1.9K awarded to Dr Valentina Donzella, Warwick Manufacturing Group
    2019-20, Project Development

    V, Bin Ibad

    International Visiting Fellow Umber Bin Ibad

    £1.5K awarded to Professor Virinder Kalra, Department of Sociology
    2019-20, Visiting Academic

    V, Bogart

    International Visiting Fellow Kathleen Bogart

    £2.7K awarded to Dr John Michael, Department of Philosophy
    2019-20, Visiting Academic

    V, Bordas

    International Visiting Fellow Stephanie Bordas

    £2.2 awarded to Dr Mohaddaseh Mousavi Nezhd, School of Engineering
    2019-20, Visiting Academic

    V, Danan

    International Visiting Fellow Eric Danan

    £2.5 awarded to Professor Zvi Safra, Warwick Business School
    2019-20, Visiting Academic

    V, Development of the Macroscope

    Development of the Macroscope

    £4K awarded to Professor Thomas Hills, Department of Psychology

    IAS funding was used to help develop the Macroscope for use with the Oxford English Dictionary. The funding successfully supported a programmer to optimize the back end and redevelop the front end. The Macroscope is now ready for use by editors at OED.

    IAS funding helped to bring our research to life for end-users, animatingvisualized data in real-time so that users can investigate psychological history. Thank you IAS.

    2019-20, Project Development

    V, Exploring technological experiments in sustainability governance

    Exploring technological experiments in sustainability governance

    £4,387.75 awarded to Dr Nicholas Bernards, Global Sustainable Development

    This award was to facilitate a workshop bringing together an international and interdisciplinary group of researchers to explore a range of issues relating to the development and adoption of new technologies in governance responses to sustainability challenges.

    The workshop was held as planned on 11 December 2019.

    2019-20, Event, Project Development

    V, Gastegger

    Residential Fellow Michael Gastegger

    £250 awarded to Dr Reinhard Maurer, Department of Chemistry
    2019-20, Visiting Academic

    V, Global Health Research Unit on Improving Health in Slums

    Global Health Research Unit on Improving Health in Slums

    £800 awarded to Oyinlola Oyebode, Warwick Medical School

    This IAS funding will support Dr Motunrayo Ajisola, University of Ibadan, to visit Warwick Medical School, where she will contribute to and expand the research output from this project. In addition, we will develop a new project focused on TB health seeking in the Nigerian slums based on needs identified through our Unit’s work.

    2019-20, Project Development, Visiting Academic

    V, Kessler Ferzan

    International Visiting Fellow Kimberley Kessler Kerzan

    £1.7 awarded to Professor Victor Tadros, School of Law
    2019-20, Visiting Academic

    V, Li

    International Visiting Fellow Wei Li

    £2.5 awarded to Professor Qing Wang, Warwick Business School
    2019-20, Visiting Academic

    V, Making Knowledge Visible

    Making Knowledge Visible

    £4.5K awarded to Dr Josephine Baark, Department of History of Art
    2019-20, Project Development

    V, Nuno

    Residential Fellows Mario Nuno de Matos Sequeira Berberan e Santos and Manuel Prieto

    £500 awarded to Dr Natercia das Neves Rodruiges, Department of Chemistry
    2019-20, Visiting Academic

    V, Onorato

    Residential Fellow Massimiliano Onorato

    £250 awarded to Professor Vincenzo Bove, Department of Politics & International Studies
    2019-20, Visiting Academic

    V, Pavlich

    International Visiting Fellow George Pavlich

    £1.8K awarded to Professor Alan Norrie, School of Law
    2019-20, Visiting Academic

    V, Teofilo

    International Visiting Fellow Reinaldo Teofilo

    £2.5K awarded to Professor Richard Walton, Department of Chemistry
    2019-20, Visiting Academic

    W, Academic Mobilities and Immobilities Network (AMIN)

    Academic Mobilities and Immobilities Network (AMIN)

    £500 awarded to Dr Emily Henderson, Centre for Education Studies

    The AMIN network hosted three events this year.

    1. Research seminar co-hosted by AMIN & Centre for Education Studies, ‘National professional contexts and their consequences for international mobility in academia: exploring academics’ roots and routes’ by Toma Pustelnikovaite, Abertay University (presenting); Shiona Chillas, University of St Andrews.
    2. Research seminar co-hosted by AMIN & Centre for Applied Linguistics, ‘Move or Perish? The Transnational Mobility of Researchers in Swiss Academia’ by Marie Sautier, University of Lausanne (Switzerland), and ‘Stuck and sticky in Thailand: Expatriate academics’ narratives of career immobility and mobility as baggage’ by James Burford, La Trobe University (Australia); Thornchanok Uerpairojkit, King’s College London.
    3. Open meeting to review the network progress and make plans for future network developments.

    Events attracted attendees from across 8 departments, namely CES, CAL, PAIS, WBS, WFS, English, Psychology, Law.

    The AMIN mailing list now includes 40+ members.

    The AMIN network has resulted in the commissioning of a special issue of the esteemed journal Higher Education, coedited by AMIN convenors Dr Charoula Tzanakou (PAIS) and Dr Emily Henderson (CES). The guest speakers from this year’s events were contributors to the special issue. The special issue is entitled ‘Stuck and sticky in mobile academia: reconfiguring the im/mobility binary’ and is due for publication in 2021.

    "The funding has allowed for events to be organised even when departmental resources would not normally permit this expenditure. This has been a valuable source of networking and community building for all convenors."

    2018-19, Research Network

    W, Ada

    International Visiting Fellow Serhan Ada

    £2,610 awarded to Professor Jonathan Vickery, Centre for Cultural & Media Policy Studies

    The residency of professor Serhan Ada, UNESCO Chair (Istanbul), was very fruitful. He contributed his expertise on cultural policy, cities and policy research in many ways, including advice to masters and PGR students as well as speaking at a number of student seminars and public events.

    2018-19, Visiting Academic

    W, Digitization of Chilean Documents in the MRC

    Example of Digitization of Chilean Documents in the MRCDigitization of Chilean Documents in the MRC

    £3,112.50 was awarded to Professor Alison Ribeiro de Menezes, School of Modern Languages and Cultures

    The project enabled the proper digitization and meta-data marking of 200 MRC documents. The SMLC provided extra funding to support RA input to ensure material in Spanish was properly catalogued and handled. The next stage is to complete the related website ready for public release.

    The funding is aimed at underpinning a Follow-On Funding bid to the AHRC, to succeed my 'Chileans Refugees and World University Service' project. A first draft has been completed and is under review.

    2018-19, Project Development

    W, Fashioning Victoria: curating the royal image for dynasty, nation and empire

    Fashioning Victoria: curating the royal image for dynasty, nation and empire

    £2,500 awarded to Professor Michael Hatt, History of Art

    The IAS generously provided funding to support the role of the project coordinator on the AHRC-funded project, 'Victoria’s Self-Fashioning: curating the royal image for dynasty, nation and empire', a major research collaboration between the History of Art department and Historic Royal Palaces.

    The project explored Queen Victoria’s creation of her own image and the consequences of this for monarchy, nation and empire from the nineteenth century to the present, and asked how present-day curation of the troubled and contested legacy of royal image-making might be de-colonised.

    Our project partners include the Royal Collection Trust, Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art, and the Bodleian Library, University of Oxford, and our participants came from institutions in the UK and around the globe, including scholars, curators, artists, and policy makers from Germany, India, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the USA.

    The funding for additional support meant that we were able to be far more ambitious in scope that a one-year AHRC Networking Grant would usually allow, and thus to engage a more diverse range of scholars in five workshops and a two-day international conference. The funding also contributed to a wide range of impact activities, including the making of podcasts, working with curators at Kensington Palace for new displays about Queen Victoria, and advising on public engagement programmes at the palace.

    "The award enabled us to realise our very ambitious plans for the project. Without this funding, we would have had to scale back our plans, which would have had serious consequences for the AHRC network, for impact activities, and for the development of the project in the future. Thank you very much indeed."

    2018-19, Project Development

    W, Fisek

    International Visiting Fellow Emine Fisek

    £760 awarded to Dr Susan Haedicke, Department of Theatre & Performance Studies

    Fişek’s tenure as International Visiting Fellow yielded a number of short-term outputs and contributed to the development of several long-term goals.

    In the short term, Fişek delivered three presentations:

    • a short presentation on interdisciplinarity in the context of the Institute of Advanced Study’s Accolade Program
    • a research presentation entitled “Remembering Istanbul: Theatre, Memory and Gentrification,” to the Department of Theatre and Performance Studies
    • a research presentation entitled “Representing Migration: Idioms of Crisis and Resistance in Turkey,” in the context of the conference on “Cultures of the Left in the Age of Right-Wing Populism”

    Fişek will submit a revised version of this final presentation to “Theatre Journal,” published by Johns Hopkins University Press, by October 2019.

    Additionally, Fişek was in conversation with colleagues from the Departments of Theatre and Performance Studies and of English and Comparative Literature to plan future research activities.

    "The Institute of Advanced Study’s International Visiting Fellowship was an invaluable opportunity to work on existing research projects, engage with faculty from across the university, and explore possibilities for future research collaborations...Thank you for such a rich and rewarding experience!"

    2018-19, Visiting Academic

    W, International Visiting Fellow Dr James Burford

    International Visiting Fellow Dr James Burford

    £2,350 awarded to Dr Emily Henderson, Centre for Education Studies

    Dr Burford’s visit comprised multiple activities aiming at strengthening and building a partnership with existing and new colleagues at the University of Warwick. During his visit, together with Dr Henderson, he was involved in the activities relevant to his specific areas of expertise, namely the academic profession, international higher education, academic mobilities and inequalities in higher education and doctoral education. Additionally, he shared valuable insights into Thai higher education based on his five-year academic and research experience with colleagues from IAS, CES, CAL, PAIS, IER and other departments at Warwick.

    "This was an extremely valuable opportunity and enabled us to work together intensively on our shared projects as well as giving us time to tap into each other’s networks and engage in longer term strategic goal setting. Thank you to IAS for your support .."

    2018-19, Visiting Academic

    W, International Visiting Fellow Dr Kamal Gulati

    International Visiting Fellow Dr Kamal Gulati

    £1,200 awarded to Professor Ian Kirkpatrick, WBS

    Dr. Kamal Gulati, Consultant, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi attended Warwick Business School (WBS), Warwick University, UK as an Institute of Advanced Studies International Fellow for the period 31st May 2019 to 30th June 2019.

    During this visit, Kamal presented an Accolade Session at Institute of Advanced Studies on “Indian Healthcare Systems” and interacted with faculty, fellows and students from diverse backgrounds from across the globe. He also presented an OHRN seminar at Warwick Business School entitled “Medical Leadership in India: Challenges to its Development & Sustainability”, which was well appreciated by the faculty, international fellows, and PhD scholars of the Warwick University. Kamal has followed this up, following feedback from OHRN members, with a peer reviewed publication accepted in the International Journal of Healthcare Management entitled: “ Assessment of medical leadership competencies and development needs: First comprehensive study from India”.

    In addition, Kamal met several faculty members of WBS working in diverse areas of healthcare management and healthcare improvement. He also had interactions with other international fellows at WBS. These meetings were very useful for the possible knowledge exchange, and academic & research collaborations in the areas of healthcare management, medical leadership, governance, digital health, innovations and entrepreneurship in healthcare, etc.

    2018-19, Visiting Academic

    W, International Visiting Fellow Elizabeth Brake

    International Visiting Fellow Elizabeth Brake

    £522 awarded to Professor Kimberley Brownlee, Department of Philosophy

    During her time at Warwick, Elizabeth wrote a new paper, "A Right to Belong – and A Right to Be Left Alone?: Claims to Caring Relationships and Their Limits," which she delivered at the Social Human Rights Conference that I ran from 12-14 June. The paper explored the gendered distribution of the burdens of social interaction attendant on honoring social human rights. Elizabeth also presented a paper on the ethics of price gouging in the Centre for Ethics, Law, and Public Affairs research seminar series. In addition, she presented a paper in Cambridge at a conference on marriage, and attended the Society for Applied Philosophy meeting in Cardiff at the end of her visit. Additionally, she and I met regularly, and we discussed pursuing funding opportunities with the Spencer Foundation and the National Endowment for the Humanities to work on childhood loneliness and social isolation. We brainstormed some preliminary ideas and intend to prepare applications in the fall. We also discussed the possibility of securing funding for a conference, possibly to be held at Rice University (Houston, TX, USA). Elizabeth also met with other members of Philosophy and Law for productive conversations on her research and on editorial issues related to the Journal of Applied Philosophy (which she edits), as one of the associate editors is based in the Law School, and I am a member of the journal's management committee. Elizabeth and I attended the annual meeting with the publisher, Wiley, the day before she returned to the US.

    "..This kind of residential support is invaluable for allowing academics to make international connections; I am very grateful for the award."

    2018-19, Visiting Academic

    W, International Visiting Fellow Gunes Gokmen

    International Visiting Fellow Gunes Gokmen

    £798 awarded to Professor Vincenzo Bove, Department of Politics & International Studies

    Dr. Gunes Gokmen was involved in a number of activities both with the Politics department as well as within the Warwick Q-step centre, despite his visiting period was out of term. The activities are the following:

    1. A three-hour lecture on March 21 titled "Applied Methods with Historical Data" , aimed at Q-step students and members of staff. The lecture was very well-attended, and attracted about 25 participants.
    2. Four meetings with PAIS colleagues interested in exploring opportunities for collaboration. These meetings were very productive and he started one research project on state capacity and conflict with Dr Jessica Di Salvatore (PAIS), and one on the diffusion of conflict with Prof Vincenzo Bove (PAIS). He has also completed a draft of an existing project with Prof Vincenzo Bove.
    3. Three meetings with PhD students in Economics and in Politics, where he offered advice on PhD thesis chapters.
    4. Two networking lunches with colleagues in the Q-step centre which resulted in an official invitation to give a Master class on research methods to Q-step students during the academic year 2019/2020.
    2018-19, Visiting Academic

    W, International Visiting Fellow Professor Jasbir Puar

    International Visiting Fellow Professor Jasbir Puar

    £4240 awarded to Dr Goldie Osuri, Department of Sociology

    The outcomes of the International Fellowship were to promote and advance debate at Warwick concerning Professor Puar's theoretical framework and its relevance in addressing many of the political and social issues of our world. Professor Puar was to provide an exceptional training experience for ourselves and students. These anticipated outcomes were successfully fulfilled through a reading retreat (involving 15 Warwick staff and PhD students), a Masterclass as well as a public 'In Conversation' event organised by The Social Theory Centre in co-sponsorship with the Institute of Advanced Study, the Critical Legal Studies Centre (Department of Law), Department of Politics and International Studies, and The Global History & Cultural Centre (Department of History). 30 staff, PhD, MA & Undergraduate students from Warwick as well as other UK Universities attended the Masterclass. Approximately 70 persons attended the public 'In Conversation' event held that evening.

    Professor Puar's visit in 2019, however, was very successful for fostering relationships between Warwick faculty, students and the fellows through intense engagement, to contribute to public debate in the UK today concerning minority rights, imperialism, and capitalism.

    The visit enhanced the reputation of Warwick as a centre of excellence in contemporary social theory.

    2018-19, Visiting Academic

    W, International Visiting Fellow Professor Lilit Thwaites

    International Visiting Fellow Professor Lilit Thwaites

    £1,362 was awarded to Alison Menezes, School of Modern Languages and Cultures

    Professor Thwaites delivered several seminars to undergraduate and postgraduate students within the School of Modern Languages and Cultures and the Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies. She spoke to year 1 students about the practicalities of being a professional translator, drawing on her work on Latin American texts, and to MA students about her recent translation of a young adult fiction book, Antonio Iturbe's The Librarian of Auschwitz. Her insights covered textual strategies in the translation process, building and negotiating a relationship with the author, and managing the publisher and market context. Originally written as an adult book, the English translation was marketed for young adults, raising an interesting point about commercial definitions of literary works. Prof. Thwaites also spoke to IAS ECRs and met with postgraduate researchers in the translation studies field while at Warwick.

    2018-19, Visiting Academic

    W, International Visiting Fellow Professor Pamela Bombarda

    International Visiting Fellow Professor Pamela Bombarda

    £900 was awarded to Dr Dennis Novy, Department of Economics

    Professor Pamela Bombarda visited the Department of Economics at the University of Warwick over the period from 21 May to 01 June 2019. During her visit Pamela fully participated in the activities of the department. She gave a seminar presentation of her latest research in the macro/international trade workshop. She attended the external seminar given by Professor Eduardo Morales (Princeton University) and joined the accompanying dinner. More generally, Pamela interacted with various academic colleagues as well as graduate students. Finally, Pamela was involved in IAS activities, including attending a workshop for young researchers.

    "The visit was professionally organised by IAS staff. The cooperation with staff in the Economics Department worked smoothly."

    2018-19, Visiting Academic

    W, International Visiting Fellow Professor Radhika Singha

    International Visiting Fellow Professor Radhika Singha

    £530 awarded to Professor Anne Gerritsen, Department of History

    This project brought Prof. Radhika Singha (Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India) to Warwick for a series of events, centring on the IAS. These included a masterclass, a seminar, a workshop-and-lecture. These involved a series of Warwick academics, postgraduate students, and postdoctoral researchers. All events associated with this project were well-advertised, via posters, mailing lists, social media, and a dedicated webpage on the site of the Global History and Culture Centre. All events were well-attended and were successes in terms of fostering knowledge transfer and exchange, and in modelling international collaboration. Thanks to this visit, the project team (Dr Guillemette Crouzet, Prof. Anne Gerritsen, Dr Aditya Sarkar and Dr Sarah Hodges), have subsequently been able to apply to Warwick University funds in support of inter-university collaborative projects, with a view to developing the links this initial project allowed with Jawaharlal Nehru University (New Delhi, India), an application that was awarded an International Partnership grant from the University. This event also benefited the History Department and the Global History and Culture Centre, as well as the IAS, in that it brought a valuable addition to their joint activities, here involving bringing an eminent international academic from South Asia to Warwick.

    "We are grateful for this IAS funding and for what this has made possible, both in terms of work already done and future prospects."

    2018-19, Project Development, Visiting Academic

    W, International Visiting Fellow Professor Zinka Stahuljak

    International Visiting Fellow Professor Zinka Stahuljak

    £1,837 awarded to Dr Emma Campbell, School of Modern Languages

    During her visit, Prof. Stahuljak participated in a programme of events focusing on the theme of translation in the Middle Ages and beyond. These events included a keynote lecture on ‘Medieval Fixers: For a Connected Literature’ (with response by Prof. Susan Bassnett), a roundtable discussion on ‘The Past, Present, and Future of Translation Studies’, and a series of interdisciplinary workshops.

    The programme explored new avenues of interdisciplinary research in Translation Studies, drawing on intersections between Prof. Stahuljak’s work and research expertise at Warwick. Events brought together research staff, postgraduate researchers, and undergraduate students from departments across the Faculty of Arts.

    2018-19, Visiting Academic

    W, International Visiting Fellows Dr. Nathan Brown and Dr. Stephen Ross

    International Visiting Fellows Dr. Nathan Brown and Dr. Stephen Ross

    £1,336 was awarded to Professor Daniel Katz, English and Comparative Literary Studies

    Dr. Brown and Dr. Ross were both featured speakers in the conference I organised around their visit, "Poetic Determination" (May 4, 2019; additional speakers were Prof. Emma Mason, Dr. Eileen John, and Professor Kyoo Lee). They also led an ECR/PG workshop on "Expanded Poetics" (April 30), and Dr. Brown delivered a lecture on that subject on May 8. I am a "collaborator" on Dr. Brown's successful Canadian Research Council Grant, which will lead to my participation in a series of workshops and events over the next four years. We are projecting one in 2021 at Warwick in Venice, which would also Warwick faculty and graduate students. We are in the process of establishing a framework for collaborative events between Warwick PG students in the field of poetics and those at the Centre for Expanded Poetics at Concordia. We are beginning to explore funding possibilities to continue collaboration once the CRC grant reaches its term (2024).

    "I am grateful for the outstanding support provided by IAS staff throughout this process..."

    2018-19, Visiting Academic

    W, International Visiting Fellows Dr Sasha-Mae Eccleston and Dr Dan-el Padilla Peralta

    Poster of Racing the ClassicsInternational Visiting Fellows Dr Sasha-Mae Eccleston and Dr Dan-el Padilla Peralta

    £2,005 was awarded to Dr Elena Giusti, Department of Classics and Ancient History

    I invited Dr Sasha-Mae Eccleston and Dr Dan-el Padilla Peralta to contribute to my undergraduate IATL-funded module 'Africa and the making of classical literature', to give public lectures on their research and to co-organise a research event at Warwick entitled 'Racing the Classics' (3rd May 2019). Unfortunately Dr Padilla Peralta was unable to travel to the UK at the time of the fellowship but he participated in Racing the Classics via skype. Dr Eccleston chaired Racing the Classics, gave a seminar lecture on Apuleius and a public lecture on post 9/11 receptions of epic. We aim for the workshop 'Racing the Classics' to be followed by more research and outreach events in the UK and the creation of a network and a mentoring programme to support students from BAME backgrounds in the field of Classics.

    2018-19, Project Development, Visiting Academic

    W, Meaning of making in Northern Italian Renaissance Painting

    Photo of people attending an event for the Meaning of making in Northern Italian Renaissance Painting projectMeaning of making in Northern Italian Renaissance Painting

    £3,500 award to Dr Giorgio Tagliaferro, History of Art

    Two international colloquia on painters’ workshops in Renaissance Venice (London, 29-30 November 2018; Venice, 4-5 April 2019), brought together a selected number of academics, conservators and museum curators who presented new research material and discussed topics of shared interest.

    The project achieved all its main objectives: to facilitate a network of researchers and professionals with diverse competences, connecting internationally recognised specialists and younger emerging scholars; to combine the methods of historical investigation and conservation analysis, drawing attention to the materiality of paintings; to advance discussion on the broad, but still widely unexplored subject of Venetian Renaissance workshops, in order to identify new avenues of research.

    The project has sparked a long-term collaboration between the History of Art department and the National Gallery, but also created new links with nonacademic institutions that operate in the field of heritage and conservation, such as the Gallerie dell’Accademia and Save Venice Inc., which were actively involved in the Venice colloquium.

    Given the high quality of the contributions and the enthusiastic response from all attendees, a third HRF-funded workshop has been scheduled (London, 12-13 September 2019).

    The project is conducive to an AHRC networking grant application, to be submitted in Spring 2020.

    "Being an IAS award recipient was an extremely positive experience overall.

    By supporting the project, the IAS gave me a unique opportunity to promote exchange of ideas and expand the discussion in an area that has been at the core of my research interests."

    2018-19, 2019-20, Event, Project Development

    W, Mind the Gap

    Mind the Gap

    Space and catering awarded to Dr Katharina Lefringhausen, Centre for Applied Linguistics

    The Networking event “Mind the Gap” on the 21st of May between the Department of Psychology and the Centre for Applied Linguistics was a great success. Three main outputs resulted from that day:

    1.The first half of the day focused on research exchange and networking, which was very well received. Although some research collaborations are already taking place, this was the first systematic introduction of both parties and their research scopes to each other. As a result, we arranged for a speaker exchange for both departments’ seminar series in the next academic year and a potential guest lecture as part of a module.

    2.We are now in discussion to implement an annual cross-departmental mini conference to enhance further sharing of research ideas and fostering potential collaborations. In so doing, we will invite current collaborators to introduce their work, demonstrating the strengths of an interdisciplinary approach.

    3.The second part of the event focused on Warwick’s internationalization efforts, with a quick overview presented by Claire O'Leary and Simon Brown from the International Student Office. Discussions enabled to identify several opportunities to enhance students’ integration across various levels of diversity at an individual, community and institutional level.

    2018-19, Event, Research Network

    W, Partnerships in Performance

    Partnerships in Performance

    £1,500 awarded to Dr Anna Harpin, School of Theatre & Performance Studies and Cultural & Media Policy Studies

    The award was a huge success and enabled a series of cross-disciplinary events and projects for both staff and students. The award allowed external speakers and artists to come and share their work, it created opportunity for internal networking, and made student-led practical projects possible.

    The award resulted in 5 workshops for students, a student-led production, 6 research seminars with guest speakers, and 2 internal networking events for staff.

    The award has led to future collaborations with 2 artists and included added-value experiences for our undergraduate students across multiple faculties. There is a clear intention to continue with the network in the next academic year and build on this success. The award involved staff from 10 different departments and both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

    2018-19, Project Development

    W, Policing the Borders within: Law Enforcement in a Global Age

    Policing the Borders within: Law Enforcement in a Global Age

    £3,500 awarded to Dr Ana Aliverti, Department of Law

    The IAS Research Impact Development Grant has allowed me to hire a Postdoctoral Research Assistant to conduct statistical analysis on police and immigration data. Such analysis is part of a larger project exploring immigration-police collaboration in everyday policing in two major UK police forces. The project evaluates existing arrangements to identify and handle cases involving foreign national citizens.

    This is an ongoing project which started in 2017 and has been funded by the Leverhulme Trust, the ESRC, and the Warwick Impact Fund. I am currently finalising fieldwork, and starting to analyse the data obtained which will be the basis for my report and various dissemination activities planned.

    "I am immensely grateful to IAS for awarding me the RID grant to support my project. It has made a significant difference by allowing me to hire and work along with a statistician, thus adding an important dimension to the study I am conducting."

    2018-19, Project Development

    W, Research Caberet

    Research CaberetResearch Cabaret

    IAS event, 31 May 2019

    The IAS held its inaugural Research Cabaret in a sold-out venue at the Warwick Arts Centre. Research Cabaret is an evening of music, dance, and intriguing talks, all communicating different areas of research at the IAS.

    2018-19, Event

    W, Residential Fellow Dr Carsten-Andreas Schulz

    Picture of Dr Thomas Long and Dr Carsten-Andreas SchulzResidential Fellow Dr Carsten-Andreas Schulz

    £550 awarded to Dr Thomas Long, Department of Politics & International Studies

    During Dr Schulz’s visit, we substantially developed our plan to seek AHRC funding for collaborative research. Starting from a fairly rough idea, by the end of the visit, we had produced a complete first draft of our case for support, entitled "Peripheral Foundations of Global Order: Latin America and the Origins of Multilateralism." We took advantage of the visit to hold a helpful meeting with the Faculty of Social Sciences grants team. We have continued to work on that proposal, which we plan to circulate for comments this fall with a submission targeted for late 2019.

    In addition to the proposal, we are working on a joint paper that would help set the intellectual agenda for the project. We have been accepted into a multi-stage workshop at Johns Hopkins University on Latin America and the liberal international order to shape that article.

    We also held a seminar with the Latin America at Warwick Network with History’s Anna Ross to explore the historical development of international practices of sovereignty.

    At the seminar, during other activities at PAIS, and through informal hosting during his stay, Dr Schulz was able to meet many members of PAIS and the broader Warwick community.

    "Hosting IAS fellows has been one a real boost to my ability to collaborate internationally and develop intellectually since joining Warwick. IAS staff have been wonderfully helpful throughout."

    2018-19, Visiting Academic

    W, Residential Fellow Dr Piermarco Fonda

    Residential Fellow Dr Piermarco Fonda

    £250 awarded to Professor Matthew Turner, Department of Physics

    Pier visited us, as planned. He spent an extremely productive two weeks interacting with my group and also more widely in Physics and Complexity Science. We worked intensively, together with a Warwick CDT PhD Student (Sami al Izzi) on the project detailed on the proposal. Although there were still some scientific issues to iron out we made excellent progress, resolved the scientific 'story' for the publication and started writing the paper. We have been polishing up the publication since Pier's visit and we anticipate submitting the work to the premier Physics journal (Physical Review Letters) within the next week or two.

    2018-19, Visiting Academic

    W, Residential Fellow Dr Prue Burns

    Residential Fellow Dr Prue Burns

    £550 awarded to Professor Graeme Currie, WBS

    Dr Prue Burns and worked with the following key Warwick Business School and Warwick Medical School collaborators:


    Prof Graeme Currie; Associate Profs Charlotte Croft and Dimitrios Spyridonidis; Dr Amy Grove. In addition, met with other key stakeholders at Warwick Business School to build relationships, and identify intersecting interests: Associate Professor Nicola Burgess, Professor Bernard Crump, Professor Gerry McGivern.

    2018-19, Visiting Academic

    W, Residential Fellow Dr Roland Knorr

    Residential Fellow Dr Roland Knorr

    £500 awarded to Professor Lorenzo Frigerio, School of Life Sciences

    Roland visited UoW twice (April and July). He delivered seminars to both Life Sciences and Physics and had numerous discussions with academics working at the life science-physics interface. In SLS Roland performed experiments involving the analysis of phase separation of storage proteins in Arabidopsis seeds. This is part of an ongoing collaboration on phase separation driving the process of seed protein storage and seed developments. These result are included in a manuscript that is currently undergoing revision in Nature. The PDF is available on request.

    2018-19, Visiting Academic

    W, Residential Fellow Dr Theobald Theodory

    Residential Fellow Dr Theobald Theodory

    £550 awarded to Dr Stephanie Panichelli-Batalla, Global Sustainable Development

    We had the pleasure to welcome Dr. Theodory in May 2019. During his visit, Dr. Theodory was involved in several events and relevant meetings to develop further our existing collaboration on a project regarding South-South Cooperation and Health Programs, between Tanzania, Cuba and Nigeria.

    Dr. Theodory attended several meetings, including a meeting with Pr. Joao Porto de Alburque, Director of the Institute for Global Sustainable Development, to discuss the establishment of a partnership (research and staff exchange possibly) between the University of Morogoro and the University of Warwick.

    Dr. Theodory also had a meeting with the applicant and Dr. Mouzayian KhalilBabatunde (Nile University, Nigeria), to discuss the development of a new project including Nigeria. He also had several meetings with the applicant to clarify the local ethical approval process, and without his help, the project would not have been able to develop further.

    Dr. Theodory also presented his research at the Research Seminar Series of the School for Cross-Faculty Studies, which was well attended by students and by staff.

    During his stay, he also attended a networking workshop, organised as part of the applicant's RDF Funding for her project on Cuba and North Korea's intervention in Tanzania within the Healthcare Sector.

    Finally, Dr. Theodory also met with the former Head of School, Deputy Head of School, and Placement Officer, where possible exchanges for staff and students were discussed. This conversation is currently ongoing.

    "Everything was extremely well organised and the accommodation was excellent. Thank you for making this possible!"

    2018-19, Visiting Academic

    W, Residential Fellow Professor Lorena Betancor

    Residential Fellow Professor Lorena Betancor

    £550 awarded to Dr Manuela Tosin, Department of Chemistry

    As part of her visit to Warwick, Prof Betancor gave a comprehensive seminar on enzyme immobilisation covering the fundamentals of the techniques associated to it and presenting a number of applications in industrial biotechnology and academic research.

    Prof Betancor also met with several colleagues working in the fields of enzymology, natural product biosynthesis, membrane proteins and others to discuss enzyme immobilisation as a tool for their research.

    Prof Betancor was hosted by Dr Manuela Tosin in Chemistry, who is interested in the use of enzymes for natural product derivatisation. Throughout the visit supported by the IAS Residential Fellowship, Prof Betancor and Dr Tosin had the opportunity to discuss in depth their common interests and initiated a collaboration on the immobilisation of glycosyltransferase enzymes as biocatalysts for small molecule and protein derivatisation. The use of stable preparations for these notoriously challenging but extremely useful enzymes would constitute a significant step- change in the preparation of a variety of complex molecules of biomedical applications, such as antigens. The collaborative efforts of the Betancor and Tosin group has already led to preliminary results that constitute the grounds for a near-future joint publication and a collaborative grant application.

    "Overall the IAS Residential Fellowship scheme is excellent. I would highly recommend my colleagues to apply to it.."

    2018-19, Visiting Academic

    W, Residential Fellow Professor Rahul Roy

    Picture of Professor Rahul RoyResidential Fellow Professor Rahul Roy

    £550 awarded to Dr Arpan Mukjopadhyay, Department of Computer Science

    The main purpose of this visit was to make progress on a paper which we are writing together. During the visit, we were able to make significant progress by completing many of the proofs which were earlier unsolved. We are currently in a stage of making final corrections in the paper which we plan to submit to an appropriate journal very soon. During his visit, Prof. Roy also gave a talk in the Department of Computer Science on his recent work on Drainage Networks and the Brownian Web. The talk was attended by other researchers interested in the field of random networks. Potential scopes for future collaborations were discussed. We also discussed future extensions of our current work on opinion propagation in random networks. Some of these extensions will be investigated by a PhD student.

    2018-19, Visiting Academic

    W, Residential Fellows Dr Margherita Begioioso and Dr Jonathan Pinckney

    Residential Fellows Dr Margherita Begioioso and Dr Jonathan Pinckney

    £350 awarded to Dr Jessica Di Salvatore, Department of Politics & International Studies

    During the visit of Dr Belgioioso and Dr Pinckney, we worked on finalizing the draft of a research article we had been working on. The article was submitted two weeks later to a top Political Science journale (International Studies Quarterly), and received positive reviews. We have further revised the paper according to the comments we received from the journal editor and currently waiting for the second round of decision. We also discussed future work together and currently considering to apply for a medium-size grant, such as the one funded by the British Academy.

    "My experience as recipient of the IAS funding was extremely positive. The process was smooth and IAS staff was extremely helpful.."

    2018-19, Visiting Academic

    W, Residential Fellows Professor Dr Jeff Gill and Professor Dr Richard Traunmüller

    Residential Fellows Professor Dr Jeff Gill and Professor Dr Richard Traunmüller

    £550 awarded to Dr Andreas Murr, Department of Politics & International Studies

    Professor Dr Jeff Gill and Professor Dr Richard Traunmüller visited Warwick from 04.02.19 until 13.02.19. We outlined our book on Post-Modern Bayesian Inference in general, and one of its chapters in detail. We then wrote parts of this chapter. To do so, we searched and summarised relevant literature; downloaded several data sets to be analysed in the book; we nearly finished the analysis of one data set that forms the core of the above mentioned chapter.

    In addition, Richard Traunmüller gave a Masterclass on "Data Visualisation" at the Warwick Q-Step Centre on 5 February 2019. Jeff Gill gave a Masterclass on "Multilevel Modelling" at the Warwick Q-Step Centre on 12 February 2019.

    2018-19, Visiting Academic

    W, Summer School: 'Cultural Exchange in Renaissance Europe: Text and Objects'

    Summer School: 'Cultural Exchange in Renaissance Europe: Text and Objects'

    £11,800 awarded to Professor David Lines, Centre for the Study of the Renaissance

    This initiative, which ran in Warwick’s Palazzo in Venice (27 May- 7 June 2019), was a collaboration between Warwick’s Centre for the Study of the Renaissance, Johns Hopkins’ Charles S. Singleton Center for the Study of Premodern Europe, and the Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti. It was directed to doctoral students worldwide. Ten came from Warwick and Johns Hopkins. Five further students came from other universities in North America and Italy.

    Over a period of two weeks, doctoral students were offered an intensive training programme in working across texts and objects in Renaissance Studies by art historians, historians of science and medicine, historians of the book, and historians of literature and theatre. In addition to lectures and seminars, the programme included numerous on-site visits in Venice, but also in Padua, Vicenza, Ravenna, and Bologna. Local sites were used as a lense onto wider phenomena. This was an excellent opportunity for further collaboration between Warwick and JHU (which both cofunded the initiative) and to deepen their partnership. The students especially benefited from the opportunity to discuss their research with students and academics from other institutions. Plans are underway to develop furthe summer schools in the future.

    "The flexibility of this award was among its strongest positive aspects. The opportunity to do this summer school in partnership with JHU was possible only due to the fantastic support of the IAS."

    2018-19, Vacation School

    W, The Blue Humanities Network

    The Blue Humanities Network

    £1,500 awarded Dr Michael Paye, Department of English & Comparative Literary Studies

    Summary: The Blue Humanities Network is a group of scholars that had our inaugural meeting at the IAS in Warwick. The Network, founded by me in conjunction with a colleague at the University of Edinburgh, is developing a clear disciplinary framework for research around water, oceans, and rivers from the perspective of both the environmental humanities and global literary studies (world literature).

    Meeting: The meeting included an intensive workshop, during which the network identified gaps, shortcomings, and opportunities in the existing critical literature. Each attendee then presented a research pitch in a 10-minute presentation. These presentations are feeding into a special issue of the peerreviewed journal, 'Humanities,' entitled 'World Literature and the Blue Humanities,' edited by myself and Dr Alexandra Campbell.

    Projected outcomes and activities: On the second day of the meeting, Prof Graeme Macdonald of the Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies led a session on developing the network. Numerous parthways were considered in terms of funding and grants. We have decided to apply for a Vacation School on the Blue Humanities to be held at Warwick's Venice campus next year, as well as a smaller grant from the Royal Society of Edinburgh to fund podcasts about the Blue Humanities that develop the group's profile. The special issue based on the presented papers will be available in May 2020, and will feed into the proposed summer school.

    "The award has been really useful in helping me to develop a collaborative network of scholars both within and outside of Warwick. Everyone in both administration and management at the IAS gave fantastic support for the network..."

    2018-19, Project Development, Research Network

    W, The Future of Work and Inequalities

    The Future of Work and Inequalities

    £2,385 and space was awarded to Professor Guglielmo Meardi, Warwick Business School

    The all-day meeting was held on the 13th of May with 27 staff from four departments and guests from four universities (Newcastle, Oxford, Lund and Leuven), covering labour market, inequality and workplace relations issues linked to new technologies, and focusing on emerging research puzzles and methodological issues.

    The workshop had an immediate spill-over by directly inspiring participants to work on the establishment of a new GRP on work, productivity and sustainability (working title - to be submitted in September), as a platform for inter-faculty collaboration for research funding applications on these topics, with particular attention to ESRC actions on productivity and on working lives.

    2018-19, Event, Project Development

    W, Vacation School - Secrecy and Unsecrecy

    Image or Berlin Spy MuseumVacation School - Secrecy and Unsecrecy

    £6,905 awarded to Professor Richard Aldrich, Department of Politics & International Studies

    Held between 9th and 12th May, our workshop at the Berlin Spy Museum provided a sophisticated platform for the training of a group of over 20 early career researchers. Working in an inter-disciplinary way across the boundaries of intelligence studies and media studies, the main focus was series of panels on day one, examining the problems of intelligence and media relations.

    The Summer School benefited from participation by figures from the German parliament, media and think tanks. It was also helped by the fact that an international convention took place shortly after the planned summer school, the International Intelligence History Association’s annual conference which also took place at the Spy Museum in Berlin. This allowed us to attract leading international scholars to participate and deliver lectures at the Summer school.

    The theme of the summer school also connected to a current Leverhulme Major Research Fellowship programme (2016-2019). The presence of media experts and experienced journalists offered ECRs an unprecedented opportunity to learn and apply advanced techniques to intelligence history, working with parallel disciplines including media studies and digital communication. The ECRs not only benefited from training opportunities but were also able to network with their cognate researchers from across Europe. Several of the researchers, including two current IAS ECFs were able to become involved in a project being run by the German TV company ZDF and this has led to acceptance of publications in a special section of a referred journal.

    "We would like to express our gratitude for this award which has allowed us to expose early career researchers to the latest techniques and to academic excellence at the European level. The IAS process was extremely well run and encouraged us plan ahead and to focus on concrete objectives."

    2018-19, Vacation School

    W, Vacation School - The 6th annual Competitive Advantage in the Digital Economy (CADE) Forum

    CADE 2019Vacation School - The 6th annual Competitive Advantage in the Digital Economy (CADE) Forum

    £9,927 awarded to Professor Carsten Maple, WMG/Cyber Security Centre

    The 6th annual Competitive Advantage in the Digital Economy (CADE) Forum was held in Venice, Italy in May 2019. CADE aims to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration by providing an opportunity for researchers and practitioners to share their latest work. During the event 29 presentations were given from attendees on a range of topics in the digital economy, from discussions on cyber security, smart service systems and personal data. The event also had 5 keynote speakers with highly engaging talks from Hamed Haddadi (Senior Lecturer, Imperial Collage London) and David Boyle (Customer Insights Director, Harrods). Thierry Rayna received the best paper award for his talk on “Beyond the Hype—The Actual Impact of Blockchain on Business Models” and Aida Boukhris received the best developmental paper award for her talk on “Dynamic role of resources in smart service systems”. The event provided a useful space for attendees to discuss research plans and design potential future collaborations.

    2018-19, Vacation School

    W, Vacation School - Warwick Translates Summer School

    Image of participants in Warwick Translates Summer SchoolVacation School - Warwick Translates Summer School

    £9,254 awarded to Professor Alison Ribeiro de Menezes, School of Modern Languages and Cultures

    The first Warwick Translates Literary Translation Summer School was held on campus from 6-10th July. In addition to 8 different language workshops (including non-European choices of Chinese and Arabic) the week focused on translating for the stage. Paul Russell Garrett, theatre translator from 3 Scandinavian languages, ran workshops for all literary translators and provided an evening talk titled Getting in on the Act; University of Warwick Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, delivered a keynote on Translating Shakespeare in conflict and post-conflict zones: the challenge to 'universal' human rights, and interested students enjoyed an evening excursion to see Measure for Measure performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company at Stratford.

    84 participants provided enthusiastic feedback on their evaluation forms giving tutors and organisers maximum credit. They came from a variety of countries and, although the literary translation profession is predominantly female, approximately 1/3 attending the Summer School were in fact male. Attendance at the lunchtime and early evening professional training sessions was voluntary, but all were packed to capacity with participants keen to learn about pitching to publishers or the equations of co-translation. As were those with publishers and editors discussing what they looked for in a new translation (which might mean a longterm translator). An unique route was offered by Comma, the prize-winning Manchester-based publisher, represented by marketing manager Sarah Cleave. She explained their competition, in partnership with Warwick Translates and open only to WT students, inviting submissions of sample Chinese translations. The winner gets to translate a book guarantee to be published. In terms of profiling languages in need to new translators, the Comma connection was matched by that with the Instituto Llull and a splendid Translation Duel between new translator Jennifer Arnold and veteran translator - and Catalan tutor at WT, Peter Bush.

    Warwick Translates - Newsletter

    2018-19, Vacation School

    W, Visit by Dr. Erick Ekembe of the Cameroon English Language and Literature Teachers Association (CAMELTA)

    Picture of Dr Erick EkembeVisit by Dr. Erick Ekembe of the Cameroon English Language and Literature Teachers Association (CAMELTA)

    £4,387.69 awarded to Dr Christopher Strelluf, Centre for Applied Linguistics

    The IAS Award enabled a visit by Dr. Erick Ekembe of the Cameroon English Language and Literature Teachers Association (CAMELTA) and Ecole Normale Superieure (ENS) Yaoundé, and supported a series of events connected with his visit.

    Eric shared the teacher association-based research that he is leading through CAMELTA during presentations at the Centre for Applied Linguistics (CAL) Seminar and in a keynote at the Warwick International Conference in Applied Linguistics.

    CAMELTA’s work to engage practicing teachers in conducting professional, practical, and theoretical research is being recognised as a model for generating bottom-up solutions to the challenges of teaching language in low-resource contexts. Eric’s presentations brought researchers at Wawick into contact CAMELTA’s work, and in turn researchers in CAL were began mentoring Eric to transition from thinking primarily about outputs located immediately in the English language teaching classroom and toward broader outputs that inform teacher training, shape national curriculum, and serve as international models for developing teacher association.

    Eric’s visit was also the basis for a workshop that brought together researchers involved in English language teaching capacity-building throughout the Global South, increasing crosstalk among previously independent project teams and providing a possible foundation for a more visionary approach to the decentring of English language teaching.

    The award also created space for Eric to bring a large, currently unexploited dataset CAMELTA had collected, which was digitised and coded during his visit and is presently a component of a broader examination of English learner motivations in three African countries being jointly authored by Eric and a team in CAL.

    Eric's visit also facilitated coordination for a return visit to Cameroon by Christopher Strelluf, which is intended to develop long-term collaborations between Warwick and universities in Cameroon to build research capacity.

    "I am grateful for the opportunity that IAS created by sponsoring Eric's visit...,there is every indication that over the long-term this visit will become the seed for a range of outputs."
    2018-19, Project Development, Visiting Academic

    W, What if precarity causes drug resistance?

    What if precarity causes drug resistance?

    £4,500 awarded to Dr Marco Haenssgen, Global Sustainable Development

    Against the backdrop of global antimicrobial resistance, this project aimed at preparing a large grant application for the GCRF Health in Context Call. Our work involved three main activities:

    1. A Warwick-based workshop to bring together UK-based and international collaborators essential for the conceptual cohesiveness of the project: We hosted a successful workshop with 10 collaborators at Milburn House on 26 March 2019.
    2. Bilateral and small-group meetings with current and potential Southeast-Asiabased collaborators: We engaged in networking and explored avenues for local community development activities through meetings with the following organisations:
      • Thailand: Bank of Thailand, Chiang Mai University, Mahidol University, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
      • Lao PDR: Institut de recherche pour le développement, Champasak Public Health Office
      • Cambodia: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Cambodia; Flora & Fauna International
    3. Preliminary small-scale qualitative research work in Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia to inform the narrative for the full proposal: We collected a total of 30:55 hours of recorded material from 31 community level respondents. The qualitative material has already provided preliminary insights e.g. into local concepts of precarity and its role in both medicine consumption and prescription.

    "The IAS funding has been an extremely responsive and timely mechanism to develop this large collaborative funding proposal...Overall...this has been an invaluable and timely opportunity that I would highly recommend..."

    2018-19, Funding Proposal, Project Development

    X, AcademicMIN

    Academic Mobilities and Immobilities Network

    £500 awarded to Dr Emily Henderson, Centre for Education Studies

    Academic mobility is a topic of growing importance in the higher education policy landscape. As the status of international university rankings grows in the international higher education marketplace, universities are facing ever-growing pressure to collaborate across national borders and regional systems. This network brings together academic and non-academic staff from Warwick who are working in the area of academic mobility and immobility. The network brings together different strands of mobility research, in order to produce a more connected and holistic view of academic mobility. The Network is running throughout the 2016/17 academic year.

    2017-18, Research Network

    X, African Orphan Crops Consortium

    African Orphan Crops Consortium

    £900 awarded to Professor Murray Grant, School of Life Sciences
    2017-18, Project Development

    X, CAGE 2018

    CAGE 2018: Culture, Identity & Economic Development

    £10K awarded to Professor Shaun Mukand, Department of Economics. 26 - 28 June 2018

    Over the past decade there has emerged a literature that examines the role of culture, identity and social and behavioural norms for economic outcomes. In this Summer School, PhD students and early postdoctoral researchers were provided with an overview of some of this recent work, as well as examining its implications for economic develpment, conflict, education, immigration, the labour fource and political economy.

    2017-18, Vacation School

    X, Greek Poetry

    Greek Poetry & Poetics

    £500 awarded to Dr David Fearn, Department of Classics
    2017-18, Event

    X, Hub of All Things

    The Hub of All Things LogoThe Hub of All Things

    £3.5K awarded to Professor Irene Ng, Warwick Manufacturing Group

    Increasing Global Impact though a collaborative workshop and research network event.

    2017-18, Event

    X, Identifying and Tackling Antibiotic Resistance

    Identifying and Tackling Antibiotic Resistance in China

    £3K awarded to Professor Elizabeth Wellington, School of Life Sciences

    Warwick has extensive expertise in studying Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR), both in clinically important bacteria in Warwick Medical School using pathogenomics, together with a unique understanding of how AMR spreads in an environmental context and the potential risks of recycling of faecal waste products containing antibiotics and resistant bacteria. We planned to use Warwick expertise in bioinformatics and microbial community ecology and genetics to combine this with the extensive genomic and metagenomics resources of Chinese collaborators. The original ideas were developed at a sponsored workshop in Shanghai in November 2017 (MRC Newton Fund with NSFC), but there was not sufficient time to work out the fine details of the proposed collaborations. Therefore, as part of this award, a small workshop with our Chinese team, together with invitees from across Warwick, was held to establish a team to finalise the programme of research, exchanges and impact meetings.

    The Workshop was organised and held 21 - 24 May 2018 and during this period, project planning & grant applications were made, as well as a visit to Nottingham University to participate in an AMR forum. The outline grant was written at the end of May 2018.

    2017-18, Funding Proposal

    X, In Persuit of Human Flourishing

    In Persuit of Human Flourishing

    £2.3K awarded to Professor Alan Norrie, School of Law

    This award was used to aid a collaboration between Dr Amanda Wilson, University of New South Wales, (as the primary investigator/postdoctoral researcher) and Professor Alan Norrie (as the proposed supervisor/mentor) to develop a funding application for a postdoctoral Wellcome Trust Research Fellowship in Humanities and Social Sciences.

    The IAS award gave Dr Wilson the opportunity to contribute to the host department by delivering an invited paper in the 'Vicissitudes of Criminal Justice' panel at the Warwick Law School annual conference, and also running a development workshop with members of the Criminal Justice Centre.

    2017-18, Funding Proposal

    X, International Corruption Network

    International Corruption Network

    £600 awarded to Professor Mark Knights, Department of History
    2017-18, Research Network

    X, Internationalisation of Research

    IOR2018The Internationalisation of Research

    IAS event, 17 May 2018

    At WBS London, the Shard, London, the third Annual IAS Symposium addressed different elements of international research. Hosted at the Warwick Business School London campus in The Shard, the event provided an opportunity to discuss the challenges and benefits of researching in a global environment. Four panels discussed the changing global research environment, how funders and the academy are meeting this change, and the impact this has on the academic community.

    2017-18, Event

    X, In Two Places

    In Two Places at Once

    £3.5K awarded to Dr Emily Henderson, Centre for Education Studies
    2017-18, Event

    X, Lightweight Blockchain

    Lightweight Blockchain for Smart Environments

    £1.8K awarded to Dr Arshad Jhumka, Department of Computer Science
    2017-18, Funding Proposal

    X, Modern Tribal

    Modern Tribal

    £1.8K awarded to Dr Rshmi Varma, Department of English & Comparative Literary Studies
    2017-18, Event

    X, Poetry & Philosophy

    Poetry & Philosophy Research Network

    £650 awarded to Dr Eileen John, Department of Philosophy

    Following our June 2018 IAS poetry and philosophy workshop, we pursued two connected projects.

    First, the follow-up funding directly supported U.S. academic Kyoo Lee’s visit to the May 2019 colloquium On Poetic Determination, organized by Dan Katz and Poetry at Warwick.

    Second, Karen Simecek and I applied for and won a £12,000 grant from the British Society of Aesthetics to hold a BSA Synergy Conference on Poetry and Philosophy.

    "We are extremely grateful for both the initial and follow-up funding. The initial workshop, both in its content and in the people who participated in it, was the concrete basis for our successful bid for conference funding: it made it clear to us what questions and speakers we wanted to include and how we wanted to shape the event."

    2017-18, Research Network

    X, Precarious Pathways

    Precarious Pathways to Employment for Young People

    £2.8K awarded to Professor Kate Purcell, Institute for Employment Research
    2017-18, Event

    X, Sanitation in Slub

    Sanitation and Water Interventions in Slub Habitats

    £3.5K awarded to Professor Richard Lilford, Warwick Medical School
    2017-18, Funding Proposal

    X, Secret Struggle

    The Secret Struggle of the Global South Network

    £1.5K awarded to Professor Richard Aldrich, Department of Polotics & International Studies
    2017-18, Research Network

    X, Sharespere in Yosemite

    Shakespere in Yosemite 2018

    £3.2K awarded to Dr Paul Prescott, Department of English & Comparative Literary Studies
    2017-18, Event

    X, Strategies for Social Impact from the Internet of Things

    Strategies for Social Impact from the Internet of Things

    £3.5 awarded to Professor Sotirios Paroutis, Warwick Business School
    2017-18, Project Development

    X, Synthetic Biology Virtual Reality

    Synthetic Biology Virtual Reality

    £3.5K awarded to Dr Byron Carpenter, School of Life Sciences
    2017-18, Project Development

    X, Technologies for Learning

    Technologies for Learning Network

    £700 awarded to Professor Michael Hammond, Centre for Education Studies

    This network, first established in 2015, has run a programme of events and that has attracted a large number of attendees from across, and beyond, the university. The network has enabled us to invite leading researchers from both Warwick and further afield to talk about their work and access new perspectives on technology.

    2017-18, Research Network

    X, Virtual Reality & Mental Health Network

    Virtual Reality & Mental Health Network

    £1.3K awarded to Professor Alan Chalmers, Warwick Manufacturing Group
    2017-18, Research Network

    X, Visiting Fellow Professor Riccardo Del Punta

    Visiting Fellow Professor Riccardo Del Punta

    £1,715 awarded to Professor Ralf Rogowski, Department of Law

    During his stay as IAS Visiting Fellow, Riccardo Del Punta collaborated with a number of colleagues from various departments of Warwick University, including the School of Law, Warwick Business School, the Institute of Employment Research and the Warwick Network CREW (Connecting Research on Work and Employment). He took active take part in events at Warwick and delivered three papers in seminars in Warwick Law School and Warwick Business School and at the IAS conference “Labour Market Policy and Labour Law Reforms: Tensions and Opportunities” that was organised by Professor Ralf Rogowski on the occasion of his visit

    2017-18, Visiting Academic

    X, Warwick Neuroscience Network

    Warwick Neuroscience Network

    £500 awarded to Dr Magnus Richardson, Systems Biology
    2017-18, Research Network

    X, What Next for World Literature?

    What Next for World Literature?

    £10K awarded to Professor Paulo de Medeiros, Department of English & Comparative Literary Studies. 12 - 14 September 2018.

    The vacation school was an intensive, three-day series of workhoips and training events that addressed the question "what next for world literature?" Combining keynote talks by leading scholars with sessions dedicated to pedagogy, publishing and critical debates in the field, the school considered how we study and teach world literature in the age of environmental crisis, economic turmoil, and socio-political upheaval.

    2017-18, Vacation School

    Y, Careers in Outreach

    CIR2017Careers in Outreach

    IAS event, 15 March 2017

    The IAS hosted 11 sixth-form students from WMG Academy at Warwick for an afternoon of learning about careers in research.

    2016-17, Event