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Dr Ellie Martus


I have a PhD in Politics (University of New South Wales), an MPhil in Russian and East European Studies (University of Oxford), and a Bachelor of International Studies honours (University of New South Wales). In 2017, I was a visiting fellow at the Australian National University’s Centre for European Studies.

Current Research Project

My research is focused on environmental politics and policymaking in the former Soviet Union. As a WIRL-COFUND Fellow, I will be working on a project Domestic Decisions, Global Challenges: environmental politics in the former Soviet Union. My project seeks to evaluate the capacity of post-Soviet states to address their environmental problems. I will undertake a comparative study which examines the actors and institutions responsible for environmental policymaking across the post-Soviet space, with a particular focus on Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine, and Latvia. The project looks specifically at the governance of industrial pollution, and explores the variation and synergies that exist between post-Soviet states in relation to their ability to design and implement effective environmental policy.

Research Interests

Environmental politics, policymaking and institutions, Post-Soviet politics, state-business relations, and climate policy.

Selected Publications

Martus, E. (2018) ‘Russian Industry Discourses on Climate Change’ in M. Poberezhskaya and T. Ashe (eds.), Climate Change Discourse in Russia: past and present, Routledge: Abingdon.

Martus, E. (2018) 'Russian industry responses to climate change: the case of the metals and mining sector', Climate Policy,

Martus, E. (2017) Russian Environmental Politics: state, industry and policymaking, Routledge: Abingdon, 232 pages.

Martus, E. (2017) ‘Lake Baikal: A Study of the Russian Environmental Policy Process’, Demokratizatsiya, 25:2, 137-153.

Martus, E. (2017) ‘Contested policymaking in Russia: the best available technology debate’, Post-Soviet Affairs, 33:4, 276-297.

Hitchcock, E. (2010) ‘The 2006 Forest Code of the Russian Federation: An Evaluation of Environmental Legislation in Russia’, Australian Slavonic and East European Studies, 24:1–2, 19–39.

E Martus

E dot Martus at warwick dot ac dot uk

D1.29, Department of Sociology and Department of Politics & International Studies