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Impact Resources

For the ACE seminar on 28 January 2016

What is Impact? Slides (Powerpoint Presentation)

As we will discuss in the session, REF2014 required each department to submit a minimum of two impact case studies to demonstrate the positive social, economic and cultural effects of their research on non-academic audiences.

Please read the two case studies from your own broad research area (Arts, Medicine, Sciences, Social Sciences - see below) in detail. It would also be helpful if you could look over the other case studies.

The questions below are intended to help you to analyse the quality of the case studies and identify the characteristics that define a 4* case study.

  • What is the ‘demonstrable impact’ in these case studies i.e. what tangible changes have taken place/what transformative effect has this research had on non-academic audiences?
  • (How) is this impact linked backed to the underpinning research? Is it clear how specific and distinctive research findings led to the transformations described in the case study?
  • How did the researchers engage with their audiences? (How) did this engagement go beyond simple dissemination to have an actual effect?
  • What evidence is provided for the claimed changes/benefits? In what ways do they demonstrate actual impact (i.e. the tangible effects of the research on the intended beneficiaries)? Which forms of evidence are more/less compelling?
  • Based on the questions above, which one do you think is the 4* case study?

Case Studies

Please select two case studies from the Faculty your research fits with:

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