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Associated events

Dinner with a Spy: An Evening with Tony Mendez

Friday 16th May 7-10pm

Enjoy a 3-course dinner with Tony Mendez and his wife, Jonna, as one of only 15 guests at this very special dining experience. More details.

Oliver Sacks in conversation: BookFest 2014 launch event, 22nd January 2014

In this conversation with Dr Julie Walsh (Institute of Advanced Study, University of Warwick), chaired by Professor Ann Caesar, Dr Oliver Sacks reflects on his work and writing throughout his exceptional career. The recording features excerpts from Dr Sacks's work performed by Becky Anderson (Theatre Studies)

oliversacks1.jpgOliver Sacks is a professor of neurology at NYU School of Medicine and a Visiting Professor at Warwick. His essays and books about people living with various neurological conditions have earned numerous awards and inspired millions of readers around the world and the New York Times has referred to him as "the poet laureate of medicine."

He is best known for his collections of neurological case histories, including The Man who Mistook his Wife for a Hat (1985), Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain (2007) and most recently Hallucinations (2012). Awakenings (1973), his book about a group of patients who had survived the great encephalitis lethargica epidemic of the early twentieth century, inspired the 1990 Academy Award-nominated feature film starring Robert De Niro and Robin Williams.

Voices of the University: Memories of Warwick, 1965-2015

WarwickIn anticipation of Warwick's fifty year anniversary in 2015, the IAS is embarking on an ambitious oral history project to capture the voices of those who have studied, worked and lived near the university since its creation in 1965. The project reaches across the generations and gathers memories of the people who have made-up the history of one of the UK’s leading post-war universities.

Throughout June, the Modern Records Centre will hold an exhibition on the history of the University.

Kindling the Scarp: A Jack Clemo Conference & associated events

31st May & 1st June 2013; Wheal Martin, Cornwall


ClemoJack Clemo (1916-1994) was a novelist, poet, story writer and autobiographer best known for his hard ‘Calvinistic’ Cornish clayscape verse and prose. This first ever Jack Clemo Conference will bring together the local community of the china clay area and academic communities engaging with this writer of international significance. A series of public events will complement the conference, including a tour of the clay country, films, performances of poetry and dialect tales, a meal at Trethosa Chapel and a ten-day Jack Clemo exhibition. We will post more information about these events shortly.

More information here.

On the Borders of Writing and Translation
26th April 2013, University of Warwick

In recent years, the practice of translation has been recognised as a form of writing or rewriting in its own right. But how do scholars and professionals in the field define and experience the different activities located on the continumm between writing and translating? During this one-day symposium, writers, editors, translators and scholars will present their work and will engage in roundtable discussions on how the borders between writing, editing, translating and rewriting can be theoretically and empirically described.

See the full event information here.