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Picture My Research Flash Talk Competition

If you had to convey the central argument or most interesting discovery of your doctoral thesis / current research project, what would it be? We challenged you to present your work in a slightly different format. Using a single image and accompanying 100 word abstract we wanted you to tell your story and grab our attention.

Successful submissions were invited to compete in our flash talk competition (19 May 3:30 pm), where they were given five minutes to convey the central argument of their work and how it relates to their chosen image to a panel of multidisciplinary judges. First Prize was awarded to Zehra Irshad, runner up prizes were awarded to Marco Cinelli and Andrij Vasylenko.


  • To be eligible to enter you must have submitted your doctoral thesis.

The Image

  • Single image/graphic that reflects an area of your research (high resolution).
  • Image wants to grab attention and tell a story of your research profile.
  • please ensure that your image has the appropriate copyright permissions before you submit it for consideration.

The Abstract

  • 100 word (max) to accompany your chosen image.
  • To be aimed at a non-specific academic audience.
  • Please include (a) title, (b) authors [speaker should be indicated with *], (c) department, (d) date of thesis submission, (e) abstract.

The Talk

  • Successful entries will be invited to talk at the competition by 1 May 2016.
  • 3 minute (max) flask talk to accompany your image and briefly discuss how the it relates to your area of research.


This form is closed and is no longer accepting any submissions.

Thank you for your time.


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