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Speaker Presentations

Session 1 | Funding for Postdoctoral Fellowships

British Academy (Powerpoint Presentation)

EPSRC (Powerpoint Presentation)

Marie Curie (Powerpoint Presentation)

Royal Society (Powerpoint Presentation)

Wellcome Trust (Powerpoint Presentation)

Session 2 | Building a Research Career

USP (Powerpoint Presentation) - Sandra Vasconcelos

Session 3 | Becoming a Competitive Applicant

Becoming a Competative Researcher (Powerpoint Presentation) - Rachel Corke

How to Boost Your Profile (Powerpoint Presentation) - Dr Gemma-Louise Davies

Research Networks (Powerpoint Presentation) - Dr Julie Walsh

Session 5 | Developing your Track Record

Richard Aldrich

Getting Published (Powerpoint Presentation) - Chris Warhust

Session 7 | Grant & Fellowship Appilcations

Grant & Fellowship Applications (Powerpoint Presentation) - Dr John Burden

Applying for a Leverhulme ECF (Powerpoint Presentation) - Dr Simone Varriale

RAEng Fellowship Case Study (Powerpoint Presentation) - Dr Peter Gammon


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