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IAS Awards

IAS Awards provide up to £5,000 to help colleagues develop new research ideas, collaborations, funding streams, outputs and impact. We particularly encourage ambitious and innovative ventures that are not yet at the stage where they can be funded externally. Applications are welcomed on a rolling deadline.

All applications must take account of the University's most recent financial requirements and restrictions relating to resources and expenditure.

Scheme Objectives

The IAS awards offer Warwick academics the opportunity to develop new research areas and research-related outputs. Any activity which advances the mission of IAS can be undertaken with the IAS awards and it is intended that academics can use this resource to undertake more speculative activities that may not be funded from other sources.

These awards will support activities that advance the mission of IAS

  • Interdisciplinarity: creating synergies between traditional research disciplines
  • Innovation: facilitating activities that realise the full value of our ideas
  • Internationalisation: connecting Warwick researchers with partners around the world

Examples of previously supported activities are given below. This is not meant to limit scope and we encourage experimentation with new approaches.

  • Meetings of interdisciplinary groups at Warwick to explore new research ideas.
  • Building Warwick-centred research networks with critical mass around a new topic.
  • Bringing people to Warwick to develop cohesive and convincing grant and fellowship applications.
  • Preliminary research work for research council and other grant applications.
  • Taking research outputs to a wider audience such as public engagement, creation of policy briefs, new partnerships outside academia.
  • Delivering unexpected or additional research related outputs from a project.
  • Bringing early career researchers to Warwick to undertake short pieces of research to support new collaborations and research outputs - see also our visiting fellowship programs.

Specific examples of IAS funded activities are available on our website. It is expected that the activities proposed will take place at Warwick or a Warwick facility such as Venice or the Shard.

While your proposal should explain the importance and context of your proposed work, we do not generally presume to make a judgement on the basis of academic excellence. Applications are assessed on the basis of alignment with IAS mission, quality of planned activities, quality of proposed outputs, and value for money. Please thus write your proposal for a non-specialist reviewer. Applicants wishing to develop proposals are welcome to make enquiries ahead of a formal application.


The scheme is only open to staff based at Warwick. The Principal Applicant must be a permanent (including probationary) member of Warwick academic staff, or holder of an externally funded individual fellowship, the duration of which extends beyond the proposed activity. Applications may include co-investigators, either from Warwick or other institutions. IAS Fellows who hold a WIRL-COFUND, EUTOPIA-SIF, Early Career or Associate Fellowship are also eligible to apply as Principal Applicant.


You can apply for any amount to support your activity up to £5,000 per application, but all budgets need to be justified. Applications of up to £1,000 will usually be reviewed within 5 days. IAS funding can be used in conjunction with other funding to support a larger activity.

Application Procedure

The application form should be completed fully, signed and submitted as a PDF document via the application system below. If you are unsure whether your activity would be suitable for an IAS Award please contact the IAS at

You must sign in to this page using your ITS credentials to submit an IAS Award application.

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