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Professor Nicholas Monk

Nick Monk

Image by Peter Marsh / ashmorevisuals

Professor Nicholas Monk was Director of IATL (2015-18) and is currently on study leave.

He is also adjunct Associate Professor in the Faculty of Arts at Monash University, Warwick's partner institution in Australia.

His recent teaching has included international collaborations with the University of Nebraska, Omaha, on the interdisciplinary module, 'Laughter: a Transdisciplinary Approach,' and with Monash on 'Forms of Identity. These modules involve innovative use of video-conferencing technology, and aim to deploy embodied and kinaesthetic learning in virtual spaces.

Professor Monk is a an innovator in pedaogy in higher education and in 2011 published, Open-space Learning: a Transdisciplinary Pedagogy (Bloomsbury), on which he is lead author.

He became an HEA National Teaching Fellow in 2013, and received Warwick's Butterworth Award for Teaching Excellence in 2008/9.

Professor Monk's other research interests include contemporary American fiction: his monograph on Cormac McCarthy for the University of New Mexico Press, True and Living Prophet of Destruction: Cormac McCarthy and Modernity, was published in 2016.

Before receiving his PhD from Warwick, Professor Monk studied at Rutgers University in the US where he received an MA in 2003.

He has taught the practical version of 'Shakespeare and Selected Dramatists of His Time' for finalists in the Department of English at Warwick, a module of his own design, 'Drama, Performance, and Identity post-1955,' and the MA module 'Literatures of the American Southwest.'

Professor Monk runs workshops across the University faculties, and for the Learning and Development Centre.

He has supervised PhDs on Cormac McCarthy, Native American literature, performance, and Shakespeare.


Nicholas dot Monk at warwick dot ac dot uk


024 761 50528


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