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Past IATL team members

Name Role(s) Year of departure
Tosun, Nese Teaching Fellow 2019
Fitzmaurice, Lily Rose Co-creation Officer 2020
Limb, Rebecca Co-creation Officer 2020
Wright, Hannah Early Career Teaching Fellow 2020
Moyse, Harry Early Career Teaching Fellow 2020
Radzeviciute, Greta Projects Officer 2019
Das Neves Rodrigues, Natercia Early Career Teaching Fellow 2019
Monk, Nicholas Director (2015-18) 2019
Copeland, Hannah Academic Projects Manager 2019
Cartwright, Adam Technology Officer 2019
Behl, Elaina Projects Officer 2017
Brock, Dr Susan Academic Manager 2013
Brown, Wendy Office Manager 2017
Clarke, Amy Office Manager, followed by Event Manager for ICUR 2016 & Managing Editor of Reinvention: an International Journal of Undergraduate Research 2017
Dunkley, Ria Research Fellow 2013
Fisher, Dr Becky Academic Projects Manager 2017
Foster-Ogg, Sarah Journal Manager Reinvention: a Journal of Undergraduate Research 2011
Gaydon, Phil Associate Tutor 2017
Hanley, Dr Catherine Academic Manager 2014
Iezzi, Dr Francesca Early Career Teaching Fellow 2017
Rutter, Prof. Carol Chillington Co-Director 2011
Taylor, Dr Paul Co-Director, Director 2015
Wilding, Danny Research Associate 2011
Chatzistefani, Dr Nefeli Early Career Teaching Fellow 2018