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IATL team member: Early Career Teaching Fellow

IATL Teaching Fellow

Department of Philosophy / Institute of Advanced Teaching & Learning

Before joining the University of Warwick in 2016, Lorenzo completed his BA and MA in Philosophy at the University of Pisa, Italy. Currently, he is a PhD candidate in Philosophy at the University of Warwick, awaiting his VIVA. His doctoral research explores the intersections between the ethics of belief and philosophy of the emotions in European, post-Kantian philosophy, especially in the writings of Fredrich Nietzsche, a German philosopher of the 19th century. In particular, his PhD thesis investigates how philosophers such as Nietzsche pose the problem of the emotional and ethical consequences of various forms of scepticism for individuals and society at large. This problem concerns the following questions: What if some of the beliefs informing our way of life turn out to be questionable or altogether unbelievable to us? How are we to respond to the weakening of certainties or even to the loss of beliefs that seem to be fundamental to us? Should we cling to our beliefs, even though we may lack definite reasons to believe them? Or should we let go of them? And if we do let go of them, what are the consequences with respect to our way of life?

Throughout his doctorate, Lorenzo has been committed to improve his teaching practice and develop his profession as a teacher. He has completed the APP: PGR programme becoming Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and has obtained the PGA TLHE qualification, engaging with recent pedagogical literature on teaching and learning in Higher Education (30 credits, distinction). Moreover, Lorenzo has recently won the Warwick Award for Teaching Excellence for Postgraduates who Teach (WATE PGR, 2020) and the Philosophy Department’s Teaching Award for Outstanding Contribution to Teaching (2019).

Lorenzo has been awarded a competitive IAS/IATL Early Career Teaching Fellowship where he will develop both his teaching and research profile, especially acquiring new insight into interdisciplinary teaching. This academic year, he will prepare a number of articles publications and postdoctoral applications. He will also organise interdisciplinary event on the emotions, bringing together students and speakers from multiple departments.

Lorenzo’s research interests include Post-Kantian European Philosophy (esp. Nietzsche), the history of scepticism (esp. Pyrrhonism and Montaigne), and philosophy of the emotions. He is also very interested in ancient and modern conceptions of philosophy as way of life and as a therapy (esp. the Hellenistic schools, Hadot, and Foucault), as well as in virtue epistemology and philosophy of literature. Drawing on from his PhD thesis, in his future research Lorenzo seeks to explore the nature and history of the emotions, placing his focus especially on the practical problem of how to educate our emotional life in relation to individual and collective wellbeing.