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Terms of Reference

IATL's core business is:
  • to respond to the University‚Äôs 2017 education strategy critically and creatively;
  • to inspire and support the the development of the strategy to produce a distinctive student experience;
  • to work with departments to embed open-space learning, interdisciplinarity, internationalisation, and student research in the curriculum;
  • to promote the vision of an inclusive academic community where learners, teachers and researchers are all seen as collaborators in the creation of knowledge;
  • to foster pedagogies that reflect this vision;
  • to raise the prestige of teaching and learning at Warwick and in the wider community.


IATL's objectives are:
  • to help create a distinctive student experience at Warwick ;
  • to implement widely sudent-centred learning;
  • to implement widely open-space learning;
  • to provide innovative interdisciplinary modules;
  • to engage with key international partners;
  • to support student research and engagement;
  • to work in inclusive and effective partnerships with service and support departments;
  • to create, promote, and disseminate innovative practice in pedagogy;
  • to disseminate innovative practice beyond the University to make Warwick an internationally recognised centre of pedagogic excellence.


IATL's scope is:
  • the development of innovative pedagogy;
  • the development of interdisciplinary modules;
  • the development of open-space learning;
  • the development of student research;
  • the development of international partnerships;
  • the provision of staff and student funding;
  • the strategic development of the University's pedagogies.