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ICUR Session Sign Up

Through this form we are asking you to let us know which ICUR sessions you wish to attend. The joint sessions between 8am and 11.30am have limited availablity but will be streamed live into the Ramphal lecture theatre if we cannot seat everyone in the Ramphal International Portal. In order to decide which sessions you would like to attend please look at the ICUR conference programme which has full details of all spoken sessions including the conference abstracts. You can sign up to attend sessions all day or just choose to come to individual sessions.The two poster sessions will be open to anyone and do not require you to register for them.
The sessions that I will be attending at ICUR are:
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Privacy statement
This form will be used to manage attendance at an event. Your attendance at the event will be recorded and associated with your name, but no other personally identifiable data will be stored, and the data will not be used for any purpose other than as a record of the event. Please note that this event may be recorded in a variety of ways (e.g. video, still images, audio), with the resulting media subsequently used in such ways as the Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning sees fit. If you would prefer not to be recorded, please make yourself known to the organisers on the day.
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