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Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Modules

"That's what I love about IATL modules, they give you a glimpse into other worlds that you may not encounter otherwise."
- Dr Dave Wood, Principal Teaching Fellow, Mathematics Institute

Studying on an IATL module gives you the opportunity to work with students and lecturers from right across the university, developing connections between ideas, experiences and practice. These skills, of working with people from different backgrounds and developing complex understandings of concepts, are increasingly valued by both students and employers alike and offer you ways of engaging with some of the big questions facing us today. In an IATL module you are not merely learning about the world, you are working with others to develop new ways of understanding it.

Available to

All undergraduates in years 2, 3 or 4 (with home department approval)

Term 1 (Autumn)

Earth from space
[Module full]
Applied Imagination: Theory and Practice
IL005 CATS: 12 or 15 Convenor: Naomi de la Tour

Cracking Earth foating in water
[Module full for 15 CATS]
Challenges of Climate Change
IL006 CATS: 7.5 or 15 Convenors: Prof. David Mond & Dr Michael Pounds
Boy standing in the sea silhouetted by the sunset
[Module full]
Ethical Beings
IL015 CATS: 12 or 15 Convenor: Naomi de la Tour
Interior of the Globe Theatre in London
Local and Global Shakespeares
IL021 CATS: 12 or 15 Convenors: Dr Paul Prescott (Warwick), Dr Fiona Gregory (Monash) & Dr Gabriel Garcia-Ochoa (Monash) [co-taught with Monash University]
Illustrations and graphs drawn on a wall
[Module full]
Reinventing Education
IL008 CATS: 12 or 15 Convenor: Dr Will Curtis
Representation of the two halves of a brain
[Module full]
The IATL Undergraduate Research Project
IL009 CATS: 12 or 15 Convenor: Dr Nicholas Monk

Term 2 (Spring)

Representation of a brain
[Postponed until 2019]
Applied Imagination: Long Project
IL025 CATS: 12 or 15
Prerequisite: Applied Imagination: Theory and Practice (IL005)
Boy with black tape over his mouth
[Module full]
Censorship and Society
IL018 CATS: 12 or 15 Convenor: Roxanne Bibizadeh
Three-dimensional abstract shape
[Module full]
Community Engagement: Theory into Practice
IL017 CATS: 12 or 15 Convenor: Mark Hinton
[Module full]
Computer Modelling for All
(New for 2017-18)
IL027 CATS: 12 or 15 Convenor: Dr James Kermode
Woman holding placard at demonstration
[Module full]
Gender and Violence
(New for 2017-18)
IL026 CATS: 12 or 15 Convenor: Dr Ravi Thiara
Test tubes containing coloured liquids and representations of DNA strands
[Module full]
Genetics: Science and Society
IL023 CATS: 12 or 15 Convenor: Dr Elena Riva
Man holding up class sphere so that it catches the sunlight
[Currently unavailable]
Global Connections: Understanding Cultural Literacy
IL014 CATS: 12 or 15 Convenors: Carolin Debray (Warwick), Birgit Breidenbach (Warwick) & Dr Sarah McDonald (Monash) [co-taught with Monash University]
Earth from space
Laughter: a Transdisciplinary Approach
IL024 CATS: 12 or 15 Convenor: Dr Nicholas Monk
Shadow of a child on a running track
Sport, Philosophy and Practice
IL022 CATS: 12 or 15 Convenors: Dr Jonathan Heron & Sarah Penny
Audio graph on a computer screen
[Module full]
The Science of Music
IL016 CATS: 7.5, 12 or 15 Convenor: Dr Oksana Trushkevych

Allocation of places

Priority will be given on a first come, first served basis to those who have completed and submitted the IATL module registration form (see button at top of page). However, please note that in the event of a module being oversubscribed, priority will be given to students taking the module for credit rather than those auditing or 'overcatting' and to students in their final year of study.