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An Introduction to Design Thinking Theory and Practice


This interdisciplinary module provides an induction into Design Thinking as research and practice. It gives the students a framework, based on experience and research, that they can use to better understand and transform the world through innovation and enterprise. It aims to be a transformative experience for the students, giving them a powerful set of capabilities through which they can interpret and change the world around them, with positive social and economic impacts. After completing the module, students will have a powerful and far reaching "designerly" way of thinking and acting (Lawson, 2005). They will apply this during the module to a series of "design challenges", collectively exploring the challenges and "wicked problems" (Buchanan, 1992), defining design briefs, and developing design ideas – one of which will be developed into a more detailed proposal with prototypes. Design challenges will be defined by experts from a variety of domains, including creative industries, education, regional development, social innovation and (most excitingly) the Coventry City of Culture 2021.


Indicative weekly topics:



    Module Convenors

    Dr Robert O'Toole

    Robert dot O-Toole at warwick dot ac dot uk

    Dr Bo Kelestyn

    Bo dot Kelestyn at warwick dot ac dot uk



    Term 2 (Spring) 2018-19




    For 15 CATS

    For 12 CATS