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Entrepreneurship: A Critical Perspective (IL020)


This is an interactive and practical module aiming to inspire students to entrepreneurship by giving them an interdisciplinary overview of the entrepreneurial process and the main steps involved in setting up and running a new venture. The idea of this module develops from a recent article by Jones, Matlay and Maritz (2012) on enterprise education. These authors identify four modes of enterprise education (EE): EE at the business school; EE as a "skill"; EE through Business start-ups; and EE as a transformative pedagogy. While activities are under way under the first three modes, the fourth mode is largely missing, especially at undergraduate level. Thus, the purpose of this module is to highlight the interdisciplinary/transdisciplinary nature of enterprise/entrepreneurship as a field of study.


Week 1= Introduction

Week 2 to 4 = who you are, focus on the self

Week 5 to 7 =you and the others

Week 8 and 9= practical approach

Week 10 = Conclusion

Each session must address theoretical aspects of the topic and practical implication. Therefore, where possible, in the second hour students will engage with exercises and group works.

Week 1: Introduction

Gabriella Cacciotti and Vishalakshi Roy

Week 2: The role of Motivation and Passion in entrepreneurship

Elisabeth Blagrove

Week 3: Transforming personal interests into a business

Gabriella Cacciotti and Glen Smith

Week 4: Creative Thinking

Ruth Leary and Vishalakshi Roy

Week 5: Responsibilities

Mark Mimler

Week 6: Building your entrepreneurial team

Nigel Sykes

Week 7: Gathering the resources for the venture

Raphael Weninger

Week 8: Understanding customers' needs

Eric Jensen

Week 9: Sustainability, International development and female entrepreneurship

Sarah Chen

Week 10: Presentation day/Conclusion

Gabriella Cacciotti and Vishalakshi Roy




Module Convenors

Vishalakshi Roy
V dot Roy at warwick dot ac dot uk


Term 1 (Autumn) 2018-19




For 15 CATS

15 minute presentation (30%)
3000 word essay (60%)
500 word blog (10%)

For 12 CATS

15 minute presentation (30%)
2000 word essay (70%)

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