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Understanding Wellbeing Theory and Practice


As reported in several national studies (‘Student mental wellbeing in higher education. Good practice guide, Universities UK, MWBHE, 2015’; ‘Poppy Brown, The invisible problem? Improving students’ mental health, HEPI Report 88, 2016’; ‘10 steps to address the student mental health crisis’, etc.), we are observing a crisis, which is growing each year, in student mental health and wellbeing in the UK universities, including the University of Warwick.

The main aim of this module is therefore to engage students to look at a global, timely and relevant topic such as wellbeing in its complexity, discovering the potential of an interdisciplinary approach to the matter.

The module will analyse the concept of wellbeing from the perspective of several disciplines (Biomedical disciplines, Sociology, Economics and Arts & Humanities) and will help students to understand the complexity of this crucial topic and the relevance of a holistic approach in order to solve the issues related to it.


Indicative weekly topics:



    Module Convenors

    Dr Elena Riva

    E dot Riva at warwick dot ac dot uk

    Sarah Ashworth
    (Head of Mental Health & Wellbeing Support Services)

    Sarah dot Ashworth at warwick dot ac dot uk


    Term 1 (Autumn) 2018-19




    For 15 CATS

    For 12 CATS