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Strawberry Sauce

Strawberry Sauce is a farcical black comedy in which a man is put on trial for murder by plastic gun. Ten year old Charlotte lies bleeding strawberry sauce on the floor, but gets up to point the finger at Joe McBride for her death.

Joe if flung in jail and without further ado everyone picks sides - mostly for the presecution, consisting of a number of mad officials and maniacal lawyers. Joe's defence consists of his fiancee Marisa and Charlotte's mother, who has conveniently forgotten about her daughter in her whirlwind romance with the Defence Lawyer. The courtroom proceedings become ever wierder and more ineffectual, until it is put to the audience to decide Joe's fate.

In previous performances of the play at Warwick, we found that the audience tended to vote for Death - Joe is hanged with the conclusion of the courtroom drinking game. However, in every single Edinburgh performance the audience voted for Life. Joe is acquitted, but shot dead, leading the Defence Lawyer to admit that Joe's fiancee has a point and that Joe "does look more dead than Charlotte."



Performances of Strawberry Sauce were held at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival from Tuesday 7th - Sunday 12th August 2012.