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A Changing Constitution: the Warwick Student Law Review Conference

The Warwick Student Law Review is led and run entirely by students who seek to publish the best legal scholarship written by students of any discipline at any level - we recieve submissions from as far out as the United States. The review and conference offer opportunities to enhance students' educational experience.

The theme chosen for the 2015 conference - held on 23 Februrary 2015 - was 'A Changing Constitution' and it was open to staff, postgraduates and undergraduates from any discipline. The theme was chosen as students organising the conference felt it was topical with the upcoming elections, the recent vote on Scottish independance and the rise in support for UKIP. Some of the main areas discussed were the codification of the constitution, a discussion of devolution and the relationship of the UK's relationship with the EU. Speakers came from different institutions and different institutions to facilitate wide ranging and interdisciplinary discussion.