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Theatre of Philosophical Dialogue

In order to carry out this project, Warwick students will perform a philosophical dialogue, with previous rehearsal of it, for widening participation candidate pupils from local schools. Following the performance, Warwick students will facilitate discussion about the themes suggested in the dialogue. Furthermore, the relationship between theatre performance and philosophical dialogue will be explored. Pupils will also enjoy lunch together with Warwick students and each other. In the second half of the day, Warwick students will facilitate the development of the pupils' own philosophical dialogues. To end up, pupils will perform their own created plays for each other.

The purpose of this project is threefold: firstly, it gives widening participation candidates an opportunity to meet other students who are passionate about learning and, most importantly, demystify certain preconceptions about what it is like to be an undergraduate at university. Secondly, it gives an opportunity to Warwick undergraduates to take command of an ambitious project to reach out to the local community and, similarly, demystify their understanding of widening participation candidates. Thirdly, it provides an opportunity for Warwick undergraduates from any course and widening participation pupils to enhance their understanding of philosophical ideas through watching and performing philosophical dialogue as theatre.

Finally, the nature of this project is such that it enables engagement with philosophical reflection through non-traditional learning methods. The project will take place on campus, allowing students to have a positive and meaningful experience in the context of the academy. It is hoped that this initiative will become an annual event at the university.

María Laín Hernandez Ballesteros

María Laín Hernandez Ballesteros