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What is Theatrescience?

Theatrescience productions engage new audiences with scientific thinking and bring informed scientific debate into theatrical spaces, as well as encouraging scientists to develop their skills in communicating with those outside their own fields.

Discussion and interaction between scientists, artists, and the public is fundamental to our artistic development process. Our projects involve workshops, debates, and mutual feedback between all involved. As well as providing initial stimulus and debate, scientists attend rehearsals and workshops and provide feedback on the work as it develops, to ensure that all the work we produce is scientifically accurate.

- Theatrescience website, December 2010

Theatrescience has its roots in Plymouth, but previous projects have seen the company travel as far afield as India and Uganda. Its first project, 'Imagining the Future' established the collaborative paradigm between artists and scientists that has remained core to the company's work ever since.

The company consists of Jeff Teare and Rebecca Gould (Co-Directors), Simon Turley (Writer), Prof. Anthony J. Pinching (Scientific Adviser), Mel Scaffold (Project Manager) and Dr. Jessica Mordsley (Project Evaluator & Researcher), all of whom were involved in State of Nature at the Eden Project. Biographies for each can be found here.
Jeff Teare, Simon Turley and Prof. Pinching discuss the collaborative, cross-disciplinary ethos below:

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