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Healthcare systems in European Welfare Regimes: Variance and Priorities

This project focuses on the political economies of the respective regimes and the philosophies that drive them. It maintains a multidisciplinary agenda and examines healthcare as a component of the welfare state. The welfare state is a matrix of political and economic realities whilst being driven by the philosophies and ethos of civil society. Islam Abdelgadir (project lead) will be diverse in his analysis of different Western healthcare regimes which are divided into regimes (or blocs), these being Liberal, Conservative Corporatist and Socialist Democratic - with the UK, Germany and Sweden being considered as the archetypes of each regime.

The use of various and conflicting sources, which social groups in society are supposed to (and do) benefit and the extent of the private-public provision will be assessed. By exploring the methods in which healthcare systems are financed, provided and regulated, Islam Abdelgadir (project lead) hopes to create a framework for better answering the following questions:

(1) Why do the three healthcare systems deliver differentiated outcomes?

(2) What are the main priorities of each type of healthcare system?