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Staff Funding Guidelines

Application Guidelines

This section will guide you through all the necessary information required to apply. If you have any further questions please contact us at

Application Process

There are normally two application deadlines per year. 

2018/19 deadlines TBA

The application process for each funding stream is the same and there is a single form:

  1. Applicants are strongly encouraged to discuss proposals with members of the IATL team before completing the Expression of Interest form.
  2. Applicants should submit a completed Expression of Interest form ahead of the deadline, both electronically and in hard copy. Each bid will be considered by a selection panel which includes either or both of IATL's Director and Deputy Director, one of the Academic Managers, and at least two external representatives
  3. Successful Stage 1 applicants may be invited to discuss and define further their proposed projects with members of the selection panel before the proposal is formally approved by the IATL Management Committee. Appropriate evaluation procedures will be discussed and agreed before the project begins.
  4. IATL aims to inform applicants of the outcome of their proposal before the end of the term in which the Expression of Interest was submitted.

Application Assessment Criteria

All applications will be assessed using the following criteria:

  • Timescale: Can the project be completed successfully in the time period requested, and has a detailed programme of milestones been provided?
  • Aims, approaches and activities: Does the project address IATL’s aims:
    • Innovation
    • Interdisciplinarity
    • Inclusiveness
    • Internationalisation
  • Student engagement: Does the project engage students at all stages where appropriate? What kinds of pedagogic methodology has the project used? Examples might include Student as Researcher or Open-space Learning.
  • Outcomes: Are plans for embedding and sustaining the outcomes appropriate, clear and realistic?
  • Budget: Is the project budget realistic and fully-costed?
  • Dissemination and impact: How will the impact of the project be embedded, sustained and disseminated within the University? And for Strategic projects, how will they be disseminated beyond the University?

Project Reports

For Academic Fellowships or Strategic Projects, project leaders will be required to submit, within 1 month of the end of the project, either a video report or a written report of a minimum of 3-5000 words and, where possible, to undertake an exit interview (recorded) with a member of the IATL academic staff, both of which will be made available on the IATL website. For projects lasting more than 3 months a brief (1500 words) interim report at mid-point will be required, this report will also be added to the IATL website. For Pedagogic Interventions, the project leader will be required to supply a video account or brief report about the project following its completion.

Funding Guidelines

Delivery of funding

Payment will be made on a subcontract basis from IATL to the applicant or co-applicants. Once the project has been agreed, IATL will send out a funding contract for signing. This will include dates, as agreed between the applicants and IATL, for completion of the project and the submission of a presentation of the report, as outlined above. On receipt of the signed contract, IATL will issue an internal order number to each applicant to which all costs should be charged. An appropriate statement of expenditure supported by receipts will be required at the end of the funding period.

Management of funding

IATL staff funding may be used for the following:

  • Release of time from teaching, research or administrative duties;
  • Research or administrative assistance;
  • Purchase of training and services;
  • Reasonable travel and subsistence costs;
  • Purchase of consumable items;
  • Dissemination costs (though not normally conference attendance).

The following will not normally be funded:

  • Normal costs of course delivery;
  • Equipment or ICT hardware/software;
  • Institutional overheads, though the on-costs of salaries are allowed.

Additional Guidelines

Successful applicants will be expected to provide a photograph and a brief abstract of their project for the IATL website.