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Create Your Own Online Game

Workshop on Thursday May 22nd 2014, 12 - 2pm

Venue: Teaching Grid, collaboration area
Catering: Lunch will be provided
Facilitators: Judith Brown (Life Sciences) and Adam Lack (Physics)

Thanks to Strategic Project Funding from IATL, we have been able to develop an online resource, based in SiteBuilder, for users to create their own online pairs-matching memory game. View some of the games that have been created using this resource.

This workshop will take you through the simple process of creating your own game, which you will then be able to use with your students or as an outreach resource.

To make your own game at this session, please bring (on a memory stick or accessible on a networked drive):

  • 6 or more sets of matching pairs (pictures or brief text) suitable for showing on the card faces. The pairs can be identical or different.
  • For each matching pair, add a third image or text that will display on the matched card faces to indicate success when that pair is correctly matched. The ‘win’ card face may be different or match one of the paired items.
  • (Optional) An image you would like to use for the card backs.

If you do not have time to prepare these in advance of the session, please let us know and we will provide images for you to use in the workshop to learn to use the game building resource.

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