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Booking IATL Spaces for Rehearsals

The normal rules for student bookings of IATL spaces do not apply to those students who have been awarded IATL funding and you are instead welcome to make advance bookings of IATLs teaching spaces for rehearsals and performances related to your IATL funded project.

In order to be provided with authorisation to make room bookings we ask that you please complete this request form:

Once you have been provided with authorisation to make bookings (you will recieve an email confirming) you will be able to make your chosen bookings by using the calendar pages on the IATL website 



  1. We ask that you book any performance dates in to the room booking calendar as soon as possible.
  2. You are welcome to make room bookings for rehearsals and performances as required however please be considerate of other users both when making your bookings (only book for times actually required) and when using the space.
  3. We are unable to offer storage facilities for any belongings or props and no items must be left in IATL teaching spaces.


If you would like to use theatre lighting during your performance please let us know at least one month in advance by emailing iatl dot spaces at warwick dot ac dot uk with details of performance dates, times and an idea of your requirements.

We work with a freelance Theatre Technician and so you will need to be put aside project funds to pay for his time (£15.80 per hour, incl. on-costs) . Please note that under no circumstances can we allow any students up to the lighting gantry.