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Funding Application Form

We use this application form to make a decision on whether or not to fund your proposed research or performance project. You should include as much detail as possible so the funding panel understand what you wish to do, how you are going to do it, and why you are interested in doing it. It is also an opportunity for you to flesh out your ideas and create a plan of action. Make sure you spend some time thinking about this so you can use your answers as a helpful resource. From submission of this application form to receiving approval from IATL, please allow 20 working days. It may take longer if you have not provided enough information for the funding panel to reach an informed decision so please give as much relevant detail as possible. It can take a further 7 days for funds to arrive in your bank account. This should be reflected in your research project start date.
You are not permitted to use work from your IATL-funded project as part of any assessment.


1.1 Are you applying for student research funding or student performance funding? *



You are welcome to apply for a grant as an individual or you may wish to apply as a team. If you do decide to apply as a team, for the purposes of this application, one member of your project team will need to take the role of lead applicant. That person should complete this form on behalf of all team members, and they will be the first point of contact used by IATL. They will be the administrative lead but do not necessarily have to lead the team. The lead applicant must be a student at the University of Warwick. IATL want to be sure you have all the resources and support you need to successfully undertake your project, so you are permitted to include alumni or other external partners in the project team. Please share some information about their anticipated roles. Please note that the Student Funding and Student Performance grants are available to support students of the University of Warwick. As such, the panel will only fund activities for current students or staff on the project team. This is at the discretion of the funding panel.
2.6 Current Level of Study *

Warwick Team Members
Please provide details about University of Warwick students and staff on the research team For each person, please include: (a) name, (b) department, (c) student or staff, (d) expected graduation date if a student, (e) any information about their role in the research team that might be useful to the funding panel making a decision.

Alumni/External Team Members
Please provide details about alumni and other external team members You are permitted to include alumni or other external partners – but as a general rule, at least half of the team members should be students or staff. For each person, please include: (a) name, (b) alumni or external, (c) any information about their role in the research team that might be useful to the funding panel making a decision.



The information you provide in this section will help the funding panel establish whether this project has been sufficiently considered. It is a good opportunity for you to plan it in some detail, if you have not already. Write a maximum of 500 words. You might like to use the following questions as a starting point for your summary: What am you going to do? How will you do it? What is the value of this project? What will success look like? Why is this project worth doing? How will you disseminate the outcomes of this project?

Timing and Deadlines
Include the key activities and milestones for the project. This information will be crucial when it comes to managing your project so take some time to think about the practicality of each stage and how long it will take. Remember to include information about how and when you will disseminate the outcomes of your project.
Keep in mind that you should include the waiting time for your application to be approved (around a month)



You can apply for up to £250 for Independent Research Projects or Small Performance Projects, up to £500 for Collaborative Research Projects or Medium Performance Projects, and up to £1000 for International Research or Large Performance Projects. If you are not sure what your project would be eligible to receive, email If your application is successful, you will receive the funding in two parts. The first instalment of 80% will be awarded when you receive a positive outcome. The second instalment of a final 20% will be awarded when you have provided a suitable report at the end of the project.

If you need further guidance on budgets, please open the links below in a new tab:

(if you left-click on the links below they will NOT open in a new window and your work will be lost)


Total amount of funding requested from IATL
Applicants are strongly encouraged to only apply for the minimum level of funding they need to carry out the project, rather than to apply automatically for the maximum potentially available as you will be asked to return any unused funds.
Financial year(s) funding will be spent in
The University's financial year starts on 1 August and finishes on 31 July. If you apply for funding in January 2020 and plan to finish by July the relevant financial year would be 2019/20 (for example), but if your project will not be finished until December 2020 then you will be spending in two financial years: 2019/20 and 2020/21.
Detailed breakdown of budgeted costs
What costs and expenses will you incur to complete your project? Have you applied for any other funding? How will you meet any shortfall in your budget? If your total budget is more than the amount you are applying for from IATL, please state which items the IATL funding will cover. If you are raising money from ticket sales, for example, please model some income possibilities.


Detail any ethical considerations, who you have discussed them with, and how are you going to manage them. Poorly thought-through and poorly detailed information about ethical considerations are two of the main reasons the funding panel reject applications. Please provide sufficient detail to allow the funding to make a decision.

Please tick to confirm your understanding and agreement. *
Declarations: Please tick the boxes to confirm your understanding and agreement *



Which of IATL’s five areas of practice will the project address?

Your project does not need to address all areas, but should contribute to at least one area. IATL’s five areas of practice are:

• Interdisciplinary Education

• Student Research

• International Learning

• Disciplinary Innovation

• Emerging Practices in Higher Education

More detail on these areas can be found in the IATL strategy:

Why are you excited about this project?
The funding panel are keen to know why you are excited about this project. This is a deliberately open-ended question to allow you to share as much or as little as you wish. You do not have to relate it to IATL’s five areas practice. Please give an honest account in your own words.


5. Academic's Supporting Statement


The supporting statement is an important part of the funding application. Please take some time to discuss your project proposal with an academic, who can then provide you with a supporting statement. Your supportive academic must complete the supporting statement template, available here.

When the academic has completed the form, please upload a PDF or Word document file below.

Attach file
No files are currently attached.
Please tick to confirm your understanding and agreement. *


Thank you for taking the time to submit an application for funding from IATL.

Remember: It takes 20 working days (i.e. weekends and bank holidays not included) to receive approval or rejection of your application. This is due to the robust assessment process by an IATL funding panel. If you have not provided enough information, the funding panel may request further information, which will delay the time it takes to provide an outcome of your application. If you have any questions, please contact
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Privacy statement

The data on this form relates to your application for student funding from the Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning (IATL). The date and time of your submission, your identity and the details you have submitted will all be stored, but will not be used for any purpose other than assessing and administering student funding.
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