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Making the most of your Masters

We know it’s not just about what we offer on the course that makes students choose to study at Warwick. It is also the fact that Warwick offers a great chance to get involved in all sorts of projects, societies and research while you complete your studies. The level of flexibility offered with the Humanitarian Engineering programme lends itself well to giving you the opportunity to get stuck in!

Creativity in Assessment

One of the unique aspects of the Humanitarian Engineering programmes is that all students will get an opportunity to design and decide on their own way of being assessed.

Read more to find out whys student have chosen to be assessed in the past and read what they thought about the experience.



We are excited to see our first cohort taking shape through the applications we are receiving.

Don’t miss out on being part of this diverse group exploring how studying with us can help you play a pivotal a role in the solution of global humanitarian challenges.

Find out about entry requirements and deadlines HERE.

Water and gender equality (IWD18 Part 2)

It is not possible to achieve equality and gender justice without water and sanitation. There are millions of women who do not enjoy this human right, which is essential for their survival and dignity.

This topic is discussed in different ways in a number of our modules, most notably in three of our core modules for all our Programmes.

Our Inspiring Women (IWD18 Part 1)

In recognition of International Women Day (yesterday 8 March) we would like to thank all of our inspiring women who make up our Humanitarian Engineering Team. Find out more about each of them and how they are playing a pivotal part in the solution of global humanitarian challenges.

Warwick Postgraduate Scholarship


In 2016/17, we allocated over £36 million of scholarship funding to postgraduate students, helping outstanding individuals to get to the next level of their career. For more information on postgraduate scholarships please consult the Warwick Postgraduate Scholarship website.

Our International Office also maintains a list of international scholarships available to students, both internal and external to the University.

More about fees and funding

Please be aware some Warwick Scholarship applications close mid-March 2018 for the October 2018 programme start.

Businessman plans to burn 'body parts' to create energy

In a recent article, the Telegraph reports on how Michael Burns, a businessman from the UK is proposing to ‘burn body parts and organs' to create energy.


Read more to see how this topic is covered in our Renewable Energy module.

What might the ethical issues of what Michael Burns in proposing for the development of Biomass?

What do you think about this topic?

Tweet us your response @IATL_Warwick

EVENT: 13 March - Kick Start Your Humanitarian Engineering Career Fair

Come and meet us in London on Tuesday 13 March 2018 at RedR UK's Kick Start Your Humanitarian Engineering Career Fair

The event is taking place at IStructE, 47-58 Bastwick St, London EC1V 3PS, and is free to attend. The link below offers a summary of the event and the option to register:

Humanitarian Relief provided by Solar Power

"The core modules combine to give students a sound understanding of different aspects that need to be taking into consideration when aiming to solve humanitarian challenges facing today's society" Dr Volkan Degirmenci - Programmes Director

See an example of how putting this into practice can produce a solution such as Aldelano Solar Cold Chain Solutions are designed to help those facing natural or humanitarian disasters.

Showcasing our Partners- Smallpeice Trust

We will be using this space to highlight some of the partners we are working with, in the field of Humanitarian Engineering. Read more here to find out more about the first partner we would like to showcase, The Smallpeice Trust and our work with them.

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Course Comparison


Course Comparison

Which pathway will you take to play a pivotal role in the solution of global humanitarian challenges?

Need help choosing, compare all three pathways to find the route that suits you best. Select here to view our Course Comparison.

To find out more email

Californian buses switch to biofuels

It was announced earlier this week that the 45 strong fleet of public transport buses in California, operated by WestCAT is to begin running entirely on a ‘low-carbon biofuel’ made from waste and residues.

What is the Warwick Nest?

The Nest Project is a student-led initiative to promote sustainability and student leadership in higher education. We are leading the construction of the Nest Building, a strawbale building on the University of Warwick's campus.

Career Options

Where will the MSc in Humanitarian Engineering take you?

Changing lives among the urban poor

This article outlines a project aimed at “addressing the challenge of providing clean water, sanitation and flood protection for impoverished urban communities”. It was published by Monash University, with which Warwick has a strategic alliance, in its Lens magazine.

Meet Dr Georgia Kremmyda - Programme Director

Dr Georgia Kremmyda not only teaches two of the modules but is also the Programme Director and the driving force behind the development of the programme. Find out why Georgia developed the programmes.

Happy New Year


Happy New Year from everyone in the Humanitarian Engineering Team.

This is the year we will welcome our first cohort of students. Considering something new for 2018 – why not apply to join us to deepen your knowledge and make a big difference where it is needed most. To find out more email

Inside the module: Disasters, Resilience and Urban Data

The recent BBC podcast and film give examples of how the teaching behind João’s module Disasters, Resilience and Urban Data is put into practice by The Missing Maps project and Open Street Map.

Engineering to Change the World

This weekend one of our Programme Directors; Dr Georgia Kremmyda is speaking at the plenary session of the 9th Annual WES Residential Conference for Women Engineering Students.

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