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University, Unsettling Ideas and You

This Pedagogic Intervention will deliver a School of Modern Languages and Cultures (SMLC) guest lecture on Study Skills by Alex Osmond, author of Academic Writing and Grammar for Students. Alex has worked as an Academic Skills Adviser at the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff, and at Brunel University.

Part of the school-wide, all-new (from 2016—17) Study Skills sessions, this talk is intended to increase student interest in an area often found dry or dull by students, and to flag awareness of the importance, reliance and usefulness of such skills, mainly while at university, but also as transferable to the workplace (alongside study or after graduation), and to extracurricular activities.

Alex is a graduate of Humanities at Warwick University in Humanities, and we hope that inviting him to speak to SMLC will raise the profile of Study Skills, while giving students the chance to gain insights from an old Warwick student, and one who features on their recommended reading list for Study Skills, about practising and improving their academic writing skills, and studying practices.

Amanda Hopkins has worked at Warwick since 2002, and taught academic writing for the Academic Writing Programme (later Warwick Writing Programme) from 2005/6 to 2011/12. She has taught Study Skills for the French department from 2011/12, and now delivers a programme of Study Skills lectures and workshops, and administers the associated Moodle, for the School of Modern Languages.