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"There are things which you’ll have done or which you’ll do which will live with you for ever and ever. You can’t change it. You’ll wish you could. You’ll try. You won’t be able to.” (Scene One)

“You make one decision. It stays with you. It’s like the consequences of it get into your bones.” (Scene Two)

"You connect to an unsecure network in Charles de Gaulle airport even though you’re given all the warning in the fucking world that the information you send may not be secured. You don’t even think for a second what that actually might mean." (Scene Three)

Jamie Wright (School of Theatre)

jamie_wright_-_website_pic.jpgThe Human Animal is a theatre collective who are taking a promenade production of Simon Stephens' play 'Wastwater' to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014. Our ethos as theatre-makers is to produce work which puts the human being and consciousness at the centre, interrogating issues and conflicts that arise from conditioning in specific social contexts. Our emphasis is on collaborative work, wherein we are performers and conceptual artists alike. We seek to draw from a diverse range of theatre practices, performance art, with specialty in theatre translation and adaption: pursuing a new visual and aural language that can communicate on an inate physical and intuitive level. Our production of 'Wastwater' is designed specifically to question and highlight the extremes of human isolation and disconnection through placing the audience in three distinct locations on the outskirts of Heathrow Airport, whilst also mimicking the conditions of check-in, security and departure for a flight that will never take off.