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In Defence of Kindness

In Defense of Kindness update

In a world where kindness is considered to be a radical act, we want to explore how it can be used to bring people together, what being kind means and how effective it is as a political tool. Can we rely on kindness to solve the world’s problems? Do we really have it in us to be kind, or are we inherently bad people? Would the world be a more accepting or empathetic place if we valued kindness more? Reflecting on ideas including personal kindness, random acts of kindness, charity, religion, belief, politics and everything in between, this devised project aims to reflect on the current state of the world today and ask whether it’s possible to create a better future for ourselves, using kindness as our means of action.

Leanne Ward (English & Comparative Literary Studies)

NEW DATES - Performances will be held on 5 & 6 May 2017, 7.45pm, Humanities Studio

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