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Information for Authors

Papers should be between 2000 and 5000 words in length, not including the abstract, bibliography and any appendices.

Please note, essays will not be accepted for submission, all work must be in a suitable format for publication in a peer-reviewed journal and will also be rejected if it does not conform to the journal style guide.

The Editors would like to encourage students to make their work as interactive as possible and to include tables, diagrams and links to films, photographs and other websites where appropriate. Papers will be published on the understanding that the material is original and has not been published or submitted for review elsewhere. All material, including footnotes, titles, tables, and quotations, must be prepared according to the style guide on this website and appropriate permissions must have been obtained to reproduce any copyrighted images or content.

Papers may be based on work that has been produced for assessment during a student's degree but will only be considered if the assessment has been completed. For guidance on how to write for publication it may be helpful to consult the websites on our related links page.

In order to ensure that only undergraduate work is published, but in order not to exclude work carried out for dissertation, submissions will be accepted up to 6 months beyond graduation.

Students wishing to discuss a possible submission should contact the Editor, Tim Ziegler:tim dot ziegler at monash dot edu, the Managing Editor, Emma Barker:e dot barker at warwick dot ac dot uk or one of our Assistant Editors. Submissions should be made through the on-line submission form on this site.