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Submission Guidance

All submissions should be electronic and should be in Word format. Submissions should be made via the on-line submission form on this site.

Papers should be submitted in the following order:

  • Page one: All authors' full names, department and university, postal address, telephone and fax numbers and email addresses.
  • Page two: Title Page
  • Page three: Abstract of 100-200 words, followed by around 6 keywords.
  • Page four onwards: Main text - manuscripts should be between 2000 and 5000 words.
  • Following main text: Acknowledgements, appendices and references.

Tables, graphs, maps, urls and any other additions to the text should be contained in the correct place in the text and also given clear file names and attached with the submission as separate files. Any additions to the text that cannot be contained within it, such as video clips, should be supplied separately with a note in the text to indicate where the resource should be located. All such items should be formatted in accordance with the guidance on this website (see Style Guide). The responsibility to obtain copyright for the reproduction of any images, tables, maps, graphs, etc lies solely with the author. Authors should ensure that they have obtained copyright to reproduce any such additions to their text before submitting their work to the journal. If any advice or assistance is required with this process please contact the journal team.

Submissions will be sent out for double-blind peer review. Since peer review is anonymous, the author's name and affiliation, as well as footnotes and acknowledgements identifying the author, should appear only on a separate page. For co-authored articles, one author should be designated as the corresponding author, to be responsible for communicating with editors and the publisher and for relaying information to and from the other authors.

The editorial staff shall complete the review process and reach a decision within twelve months of submission acknowledgment. If the author does not receive a decision within twelve months, s/he may choose to withdraw the manuscript by notifying the editor.