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Philosophy and Open-space Learning Case Study

Project Leader: Dr Eileen John, Associate Professor and convenor of the Philosophy and Literature course, Department of Philosophy
Lead learners:
(Ideas of Freedom): Ceara Rice and Jamie Williams, 2nd year undergraduates, Philosophy and Literature
(Philosophy and Literature) Sean Hudson, 3rd year undergraduate, Department of Philosophy

 (PDF Document) The Project Proposal

The collaboration between OSL and the Philosophy department began with the CAPITAL Centre in the academic year 2008-9. However, this involved only those students enrolled on the Philosophy and Literature joint honours degree. In the 2 years of this project we aimed to sustain and develop the existing collaboration with Philosophy and Literature but also develop our partnership with Philosophy more generally. Consequently, in 2010-11 we developed, in addition to our established workshops with the 1st Year Philosophy and Literature cohort, an OSL intervention for the whole of Philosophy, Ideas of Freedom. This was an attempt to challenge the preconception that OSL, whilst it is amenable to subjects with a literary component, is not applicable to more abstract disciplines.