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AV equipment in IATL's teaching spaces is fully supported by AV services, 024 765 (22463).

CAPITAL Rehearsal Room

The CAPITAL Rehearsal Room

(G57, Millburn House)

Humanities Studio

The Humanities Studio

(H0.76, Humanities Building)

International Portal
The International Portal

(R0.12, Ramphal Building)

Please note: the Reinvention Centre at Westwood was converted to a PC room by the university over the summer of 2017; all booking requests should be made to the Central Timetabling Team.

If you are a student looking for somewhere to rehearse, don't forget the rehearsal space in the Students' Union: the IKEA Membership Space is located next to the Pharmacy in the SU and is equipped with a wall of full-body mirrors, chairs, music stands, and a piano. The room capacity is 50. Booking requests should be made to Lesley Shortland at lesley dot shortland at warwicksu dot com.

Video preview image for Ramphal film
(Video clip) Ramphal Building refurbishment 2012


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