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About The Reinvention Centre at Westwood

Reinvention Centre at WestwoodPlease note: The Reinvention Centre at Westwood was repurposed by the university in 2017.

The Reinvention Centre at Westwood was a classroom which was available for teaching use by any member of the University. It was located at the centre of the University of Warwick’s Westwood campus.

The room was designed and refurbished by the Reinvention Centre in 2006 in order to provide an open, creative space for a range of teaching and learning activities. The room provided 120m2 of floor space with flexible, moveable furniture. This made it easy for users themselves to transform the shape and purpose of the room, and the open design and layout facilitated active learning and interaction between students and teachers.

The room was very light. The design made maximum use of natural light from windows in the walls and roof. In addition, there was a sophisticated lighting system including spotlights embedded in the floor and lights shining up into the rafters. This enabled the room to be used for different functions and created diverse ambiences. Fresh air circulatesd via two 'windcatchers' in the roof and the rubber floor was heated to make it a surface on which teachers and students could, if they wished to, work.

The room was wireless enabled and a small number of laptops were available for use in the room. There were two data projectors, and an excellent sound system.


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